Sakamichi no Apollon - 05

I don't know if it's just my mood but this episode just tear me up. It could probably be (1) because of the relationship between Kaoru and Ritsuko throughout the episode and (2) because of Kaoru's meeting with his mother whom he has never met ever since he was a kid.

Finally the effect of what happened between Kaoru and Ritsuko in the snow last episode actually had its own episode. I though Ritsuko will just ignore it and Kaoru will just forget it but when they talked through the telephone-can thing, Ritsuko just… makes everything so confusing. I was so sure that she likes Kaoru based on the past few episodes. But what she just did this time made me confused. She did admit that she does like someone. BUT she never said who it is. Now I just want to clearly know who it is. Could the guy she likes really be Sentarou? :|

Also, we finally get to see Kaoru's parents. AND I believe that the real highlight of this episode is when Kaoru meet up with his mother. His supposedly alone trip to Tokyo became a lot more fun with Sentarou around. I really like the relationship between the two of them. They seem so inseparable I'm so jealous. HAHA. Anyway, another thing that I really like about this episode is how it manages to move me. When Kaoru meet his mother, it was just great. I would definitely like to see her again soon and hear her sing the record Kaoru gave her :3

In an overall look on this episode, I think that Sakamichi no Apollon just gets better each episode. The last art of this episode was just great with both Kaoru and Ritsuko finally getting over with what happened last episode. Now what I want to see next episode is what happened to Jun-nii. The romance part just gets deeper and I'm really liking it.

For more screenshots, click here.
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