Kimi to Boku. 2 - 02

I really can't explain how much I love this episode. xD

The moment I saw the preview last week, I was 100% positive that I'd love this episode. Let's just say I'm a sucker for Chizuru's hidden feelings for Masaki. Sometimes I really do I just wonder why is it that Masaki never notices that Chizuru actually likes her. But maybe, just maybe, it's because the Masaki has just gotten used to being around everyone that she couldn't notice Chizuru's different treatment to her.

she probably mixes up Chizuru's habit to Kaname's. LOL. Kaname would never do that :))

Compared to last episode, I found myself seriously laughing with the Asaba brother's punch lines like when they Kaname was complaining on the rumors about him and Masaki being together. The twins are really priceless when it comes to those straight face jokes. Also, I can't believe that Yuki's sticker collection is still on going. I bet this collection will be his way to another meeting with the cafeteria lady's daughter. Ha!

Anyway, the real highlight of this episode is Chizuru and his undying feelings for Masaki (LOL). Actually I felt really sad for Chizuru because of how Masaki had that poor impression on him but he still puts effort on everything that he's doing for her. At least, that’s what I think. I mean he buys her a gift for Christmas and never even had the chance to formally give it to her. I feel sorry for him when he couldn't even get the courage and right timing to really give the gift to her AND he even used the ribbon he bought to fix Masaki's gift for Shun and still manages to make a really good fake smile. BUT I guess sharing an umbrella with Masaki actually fixes everything. xD Despite all these really fun and moving romances that Kimi to Boku is showing, I actually have a feeling that at the end of this series, none of them will have an actual relationship(:

I really like this episode. The BGM is really great most especially the one when they were talking after shopping as well as when Chizuru placed the ribbon of Masaki's gift forShun. I was seriously moved there. Also, I'm pretty sure that Chizuru tear up while smiling when he was in the rain. Ah, being in the rain when tearing up is always good. No one will notice the tears.

As for my final thoughts, I have a feeling that Yuki and Yuta actually notices Chizuru's feelings for Masaki. The Asaba brothers are pretty sharp, really. 

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Episode 3 Preview

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