Random Drawing: Mayushii :3

In some random idea, I thought about drawing something cute and I really like and put all my effort on it since I've already gone 3yrs in deviantArt :D

Since I was celebrating my 3yrs of none stop sharing of my artworks and improvements (I think), I've decided to do this. It's my first time to seriously color my drawing and I actually chose the character and the pose seriously. Shiina Mayuri or Mayushii is one of my favorite characters out there. She's voiced by my favorite female seiyuu, Hanazawa Kana. If you don't know Mayushii, I suggest you go watch Steins;Gate. It's definitely worth the time :3

I plan on doing this same thing once i reach my 1yr in anime blogging. Yeah, it's still a long way to go but I'd like to think about who it'll be. Any suggestions? :D

As for my thoughts on this drawing, in general, I definitely like how it turned out - the drawing && the color. The colors aren't entirely equal to the one in Mayushii's design 'cause that's the best my color pencils can give (I seriously need a new one that has more colors! 36colors isn't enough!!). As always, my drawing of her hand is as failure as ever. I never draw hands any better. In contrast, I really love her eyes and hair. Her eyes were really different compared to those normal female character designs. BUT still, I was glad that I was able to make it look decent. I really like the combination of colors I used. For the detailed colors I used, here's a link - it's in the comment part. The color pencil I used is the 36colors Fabre Castell. Click the image for full view && click here to fave it on dA and comment there(:

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