Kurogane - Chapter 31: Oaf

I see Ooki Subaru as a mysterious guy the moment I saw him since their match with Jourai began. This chapter practically told us a little bit more about Ooki. Wait. No. This chapter is all about Ooki.

Last chapter, Kurogane said that he knows the secret to Ooki's mystery. Apparently he might have discovered how Ooki moes toward him but no, he hasn't discover the real mystery. BUT when he accidentally closed his dominant eye, I think that he has already found out. AND for kendo geekiness Shidou explains Seigan AND now I'm not explaining it here if you didn't understand Shidou. Go re-read that part if you didn't understand in one reading OR read this. Anyway, what Ooki is doing really seem pretty effective since Kurogane did fall for it a couple of times But after knowing the trick, I'm pretty positive that he'll be able to do something about it. He could even close his dominant eye the entire match. HAHA.

Anyway, as I have mentioned, this chapter did not only enlightened us about Ooki's technique, his past was also revealed. Yeah, it's pretty obvious that he's a big guy but that definitely is no advantage when it comes to kendo. He wasn't the most outstanding player out there but he did trained a lot. With his left leg gone (more like injured), he decided to study how to counter. OR he decided to mainly focused on counters. Just like Shidou, he's more like a handicapped swordsman but what's great about them is that they're still strong as they are.

Ouka Nanashiki - I believe that this is Kurogane that's attacking or making a move. Whatever it is he's doing, instead of being scared of the Ooki, Kurogane's actually smiling (which is unusual). Could this technique be his key in defeating Ooki? I think so. Next chapter will be the 3rd chapter for this match and I believe that Ouka has got to win this match and advance to the finals :3
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