Judge: Volume 1 – review

Yoshiki Tonogai comes back with another interesting locked-room psychological game with a more interesting premise that involves the seven capital sins.

Super Seisyun Brothers - First Impression

Lighthearted comedy. Kimi to Boku.-like humor. Refreshing art style. Great set of cast.

-blacksheep's Fall 2013 Anime List

As usual, I'm trusting Fall season with its amazing offerings. I've set myself to watch more that 20 shows this coming season despite my obvious time constraints. It'll be a difficult burden to watch them all at the same time so I become more picky this time around (but I still ended up deciding to watch so many series)

2years of AniBlogging: had too much breaks can I even call it two years? But hey, at least I’m still here.

Long running blogs are pretty amazing most especially those who never even go on breaks and such. I commend all bloggers we get pass a year or two without taking a break. I commend all bloggers who post consistently and with quality.

Tamayura More Aggressive: Waiting for Tides and Setting Sail

I don’t know what the future holds. I’m sure there’ll be times when I worry, lose my way, and come to a standstill. But if I don’t set sail, my ship won’t ever move. So I’ll leave port a little early and set sail for the sea! – Mitani Kanae; Tamayura: More Aggressive ep10
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