Nisekoi: anime finally been green-lit!

Nisekoi's the first manga which I read the moment it was serialized. I can't believe that it has been more than a year since it happened. But what I'm more surprised is to actually see a news like this.

Kuroshitsuji Live-Action Film: Gouriki Ayame dressed as a guy? Count me in!

I've never seen the anime and I've never read the manga Kuroshitsuji. End of story.

Karneval 06: We're done with Gareki. Are we going back to Nai's story now?

So this is where Gareki's story and the Circus's story meets (and definitely Nai's as well. See that old man there, Erisyuka's grandfather?).

Judge Live-Action Film: animal death game gets live-action

Well that's something pretty exciting for me.

Karneval 05: Each episode just gets darker. What happened to the flashy Karneval?

It would really be nice to see the connection of the stories opened up so far.

Spring 2013 First Impressions.

Spring season definitely never lets down.

Aku no Hana 04: I wonder what has gotten on Saeki's head.

Looks like things are getting more interesting.

Karneval 04: oh Gareki you tsundere, you might not get another embrace offer from Yogi (well I kind of doubt that).

Looks like we're digging on Gareki's background this time :3 (and no, I'm not into BL stuff)
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