Veronika Decides to Die by Paulo Coelho | Mr. Mercedes by Stephen King | Pride and Prejudice by Jane Austen | 1984 by George Orwell | Miss Peregrine's Home for Peculiar Children by Ransom Riggs | Hollow City by Ransom Riggs | Afterworlds by Scott Westfeld | The Art of Whimsical Lettering by Joanne Sharpe | Drawing Manga: People and Poses by Ryo Hirata | Crown of Midnight by Sarah J. Mass | Heir of Fire by Sarah J. Maas | Queen of Shadows by Sarah J. Maas | The A.B.C. Murders by Agatha Christie | A Little Something Different by Sandy Hall | Guardian by Alex London | Mosquitoland by David Arnold | Pop Manga by Camilla D'Errico and Stephen W. Martin (not included in photo)

Rehabilitation by C.B. Stone | The Institute by Kayla Howarth | The Mind Readers by Lori Brighton

So yeah, this is my largest book haul yet. I don't buy so much books each month but since it's the month of Manila International Book Fair (MIBF), I just had to splurge. Take note that I don't always do this. I don't spend thousands of pesos to buy books in one day. I honestly find it quite crazy (which is why I only buy one or two books a week).

[COVER REVEAL] The Infected

Series: PODs #2
Genre: young adult, science fiction, dystopia, romance, zombies, horror, post apocalyptic
Publisher: Hayes Publications
Expected Publication: October 12, 2015

From the author of the award winning Unspeakable, and the best selling PODs, comes the highly anticipated sequel to PODs. A world where death stalks the unsuspecting, and this time even the PODs might not save them. 

A virus nearly wiped out humankind...

Months have passed since a human infection has been reported. Survivors of the deadly pandemic have finally started to build a life in a world left devastated by plague. 

Ironically, for nineteen-year-old Eva, life made more sense when she battled the deadly Infected than it does in the serenity of her new home in Rosewood. Separated from fiancé and former POD-mate, David, after an impossible ultimatum, Eva finds her life a little lonely and a lot confusing. 

But as troubled as Eva’s life is, it's about to take a turn for the worse as untold dangers watch and wait for the right moment to attack…

The virus refuses to die quietly.

[WEEKLY MUSING] #MIBF2015 Experience


I'm sorry for the lack of content. I've been generally busy and always too tired almost every single day. But I've been reading. In fact, I recently finished Since You've Been Gone which I really, REALLY LOVED! Reviews will start coming up again starting this week. For now, let's talk about the 36th Manila International Book Fair!! :D

[WEEKLY MUSING] Binge reading a series. Yes? No? Sometimes?

the series that you should be reading right now.

A couple of months ago before deciding to pick up The 5th Wave by Rick Yancey, I was wondering whether I should or should not read it. I was wondering whether I should or should not wait for the final book. I was wondering whether I should read The Infinite Sea right after reading The 5th Wave or not since I already have it.


Series: the Warchild #1
Ernie Lindsey 
 young adult, science fiction, dystopia, post apocalyptic, fantasy, adventure, action, thriller
 June 12, 2014
Publisher: JCL Publishing
Purchase: Amazon

The world ended long before Caroline Mathers was born, but that doesn't mean life stops for the fourteen-year-old army scout for the People's Republic of Virginia. 
With a civil war brewing on the horizon, she slinks through the forests surrounding her encampment, monitoring the woods for nomadic bands of criminals, all while keeping a watchful eye on her dangerous northern enemies from the Democratic Alliance. 
Caroline's worst fears come true the day she hears the terrifying boom of distant drums beating to the war rhythm, echoing throughout their quiet valley. With some help from two unlikely allies, Caroline leads her people in a breathtaking retreat, praying they'll find salvation in their capitol city. Along the way, haunting dreams may reveal a look into her mystifying past. 
The first book of the Warchild trilogy series is a young adult dystopian thriller full of fast-paced action and teen adventure, perfect for those who enjoy the undeniable strength of the human bond. 


Series: the Caelian Cycle #1
 Donnielle Tyner
 young adult, science fiction, dystopia, paranormal, fantasy
June 19, 2015
Purchase: Amazon | B&N | iTunes | Smashwords

During WW1, a meteorite crashed, releasing a mist that changed the DNA of all who were exposed. One hundred years has passed and society is divided between the Norms and the Caelians, whose changed DNA awakened dormant gifts, called Talents.  
Sadie is over it!  
She’s an orphan, her boyfriend was murdered, and she’s the only Caelian at St. Vincent’s without a Talent. Once she turns 18, there will be no place for her in the world. That is, until a chance encounter with Kian, a Caelian boy who makes her feel uncomfortable and alive at the same time.  
Secrets of her past are uncovered and Sadie’s latent, rare Talent is exposed. With great power comes the hunters, hired by an egomaniac who wants to use Sadie’s power to establish Caelian dominance. On the run with Kian and her friends, Sadie will have to decide: hide or fight.  
Will Sadie accept her new reality or will she stay lost?


I'm really loving this Josh Dun bookmark I made :D


August was great. I mentioned this on my last post. I spent another great birthday with friends and family. Nothing big happened but I think it was still great. Some of the gifts I received were also posted in my previous post (aka my book haul post).

The Infinite Sea by Rick Yancey | Damage Done by Amanda Panitch | The Silent Treament by Melanie Surani
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