Kurogane - Chapter 31: Oaf

I see Ooki Subaru as a mysterious guy the moment I saw him since their match with Jourai began. This chapter practically told us a little bit more about Ooki. Wait. No. This chapter is all about Ooki.

Sankarea - 03 + 04

Doing double episode posts this early in the season!? Yeah, I got a little carried away and actually forgot to watch Sankarea.

Anyway I have to say that Sankarea sure is taking everything step-by-step. It may be a little slow paced but it fits perfectly for the anime. Also, I have to admit that it's very well presented and the story is going pretty smooth.

vistlip - 9th Single: B

The details for the 9th single has finally come out!

Sakamichi no Apollon - 03

My favorite episode yet. I seriously thought that Sakamichi no Apollon will only focus on music but with how this episode turned out the romance part of the story is really great. It really moved me.

Random Drawing: Mayushii :3

In some random idea, I thought about drawing something cute and I really like and put all my effort on it since I've already gone 3yrs in deviantArt :D

Kurogane - First Look

I did promised that I will look for another manga to share. So, here it is(: Before I start posting my chapter thoughts on Kurogane, I'd like to give an initial thoughts or a first look on this manga.

If you'd like to know if you should read further, here're some quick knowledge: Weekly Shounen JUMP series, sports genre, kendo, weak MC with a special ability and aims to be strong.


For some reasons, this episode turned out a little faster than I thought OR was the action and suspense that has gotten into me just makes me feel that 20mins seem so fast? Certainly ZETMAN hasn't done anything that makes me say that this anime will be anything outstanding and I don't see this getting there BUT for some reasons I'm really getting into this.

Kimi to Boku. 2 - 04

One thing why I probably like Kimi to Boku is how much it can actually reflect real life. Real relationships. Real people.

Bakuman - Chapter 176 (END): Dreams and Reality

I was actually expecting a more interesting title but going back to the title of the first chapter (which I have read a round 5 times O.O) isn't really a bad idea. Actually I think it was a great idea. Makes me feel nostalgic(:

Sakamichi no Apollon - 02

I just felt really refreshed after watching this episode. I can't really explain how much I'm liking this anime :D


Guess I had a wrong impression on gramps Amagi. Well, I don't know for sure if he really is someone to trust but Jin trusted him. I guess we'll just see what'll happen with this step.

Acchi Kocchi - First Impression

Is it a requirement for every season to have at least one 4-koma comedy anime? Well at the very least I'm glad that this season's 4-koma has actually caught my attention. When it's romance + comedy + Okamoto Nobuhiko, I guess there's no doubt I'm sticking to this show.

Sankarea - 02

Now I understand why everyone's so pissed off with Rea's dad. AND I couldn't agree more how irritating he is with what he's doing with Rea. Looks like the yearly nude photo was just a preview of what he's doing to her.

Kimi to Boku. 2 - 03

I feel weird watching a Christmas episode when I'm currently having my summer vacation. BUT I have to admit that this episode sure was fun.

Sakamichi no Apollon - 01

I guess placing Sakamichi no Apollon on my priority watch list at the last minute was pretty good as well. Despite not being a fan of the music genre, I actually loved the first episode.

Bakuman - Chapter 175: Release Date and the Night Before

A couple of days ago, I read from another blog that Bakuman is finally coming to its end. Should I be happy? Sad? I don't really know but one thing's for sure, I was expecting it.

the sketchbook - 4th Single: Colors/Birthday

Updates on the 4th single is finally up. As I have mentioned in my last post, the latest single will  most likely have SKET Dance's 5th ED, Colors, as well as the ED for episode 48, Birthday, which is the Bossun arc - and I was right! :D


This episode is pretty good though the sudden transition from their childhood to their middleschool (is it? or is it HS?) is a little off and makes me want to question about the long period that was missing though I sure do wish that some flashbacks will be shown. I wonder how was this transition done in the manga.

Delayed post is delayed. I've been busy with finals week + projects. o(x.x)o More late posts will come very soon - by the weekend perhaps.

Kimi to Boku. 2 - 02

I really can't explain how much I love this episode. xD

after Steins;Gate, here comes Robotics;Notes

According to AnimeNewsNetwork (ANN), Mr. Braun's daughter, Tennouji Nae (Yamamoto Ayano) will appear on Nitro+ and 5pb's new game called Robotics;Notes and is currently working as a young researcher for JAXA.

the sketchbook - 4th Single Announced

Okay. This was announced a month ago but I just saw the news in their official website.

Sankarea - 01

I hate the idea that there are so many interesting anime this season. As of now, I've watched 7 new series AND I've actually love 5 of them, the 2 remaining are still on some pretty good 3-episode test if they're good enough.

Bakuman - Chapter 174: How it should be and How it ends

Reading this chapter practically made me smile. Particularly the part where the students were speculating about Reversi ending soon. Seriously.

Random Thoughts - Poll Result + Blogging Plans

Spring 2012 seasons starts this week and I am more than excited for this. I'll do my best to cover more shows than usual(:

Kore wa Zombie Desu Ka? OF THE DEAD - 01

Season one sure had a pretty good start but not entirely consistent. Though the biggest let down for last season was actually the conclusion episode as well as the final episode which became a total fan service episode.

With how the first season went and given the comedic-ecchi 1st episode of the OVA, I undoubtedly added this second season to my watch list. Am I interested in ecchi-genre anime? No. I just generally like this anime and Aikawa Ayumu's (Majima Junji) harem.

-blacksheep's Top 3 Anime for Winter2012

Spring 2012 anime season just started and I'm really excited for all the new shows. As for Winter 2012 anime season which just ended, I have mixed emotions on the series that I just finished. Not that I've finished a lot.


After watching the first episode, I'm actually happy that ZETMAN turned out a lot better that what I was expecting it to be. I was seriously reluctant in adding this to my watch list but after seeing the cast, it was an instant plan to watch. Now, I'm really glad that I decided to watch this.

Kimi to Boku. 2 - 01

It' really good to see this show back with the same old relaxing comedy that'll make you smile and laugh because of their simple everyday life conversation. After a season break, I was really glad that Kimi to Boku didn't even change one bit :D

Bakuman - Chapter 173: Moment and Last Volume

I don't really know what to feel about this chapter. Somehow it was good but at the same time I didn't like it.
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