Nisekoi – Chapter 3: First

So Raku and Chitoge’s date is ON! It was interesting and funny. And definitely a date like no other. Plus, I just noticed that Claude is the most doubtful and sharp person in this manga yet. LOL.

Bakuman: Chapter 157: Antagonists and Switching

And I seriously thought that things will start getting boring but I was stand corrected. Sure it started with where things were left off last chapter but this chapter just brought in a new and interesting problem for Ashirogi’s new series, Reversi.

Bakuman – Chapter 155 & Chapter 156

One arc ended with Ashirogi’s and Niizuma’s new manga and more struggles for Ashirogi are coming upahead.

Rie fu – New Album: I Can Do Better

After I heard Rie fu on Hourou Musuko’s ending theme, I got interested in her voice and her bilingual songs.

Kimi to Boku. – Episode 7: Next to an Apple

Finally my wish came true, an episode mainly about Yuta.

Kimi to Boku. – Episode 6: Glasses and Et Cetera

There’s only one thing I have to say in this episode, I am so glad that Shun-chan finally had his hair cut!! XD

Bakuman 2 – Episode 7: Life-and-Death and Standstill

The editor-in-chief has finally made up his mind regarding on what to do about TRAP’s serialization and it on the looks of things, it’s not going to be good.

Random Drawing - Tachibana, Kanade

this is something i drew about a year ago when i wasn't so busy(:

Bakuman 2 – Episode 6: Sickness and Determination

As expected from what happened last episode, Mashiro-kun was brought to the hospital. With that, what’s going to happen to Trap’s serialization?

Nisekoi – Chapter 2: Question

Honestly speaking, this is an interesting manga but this chapter isn’t really as good as the first one. I guess second chapters really aren’t that good. But still, this chapter is filled with good comedy about Chitoge and Raku’s fake relationship.

Bakuman – Chapter 154: Weekly and Monthly

And we all thought that the issue about Reversi’s serialization has ended. Well, for sure this is the conclusion about Reversi’s serialization. What I would like to see now is the battle between ZombieGun and Reversi.

Nisekoi – Chapter 1: Promise

Ahhh… so the interesting mystery that is Enigma has been replaced by some action-comedy-romance manga called Nisekoi…

Anyway, Weekly Shounen Jump is famous for releasing over the-top action-battle manga with really outstanding art. I’ve only read a couple of manga from WSJ but I’d say that I didn’t really expect to see some seemingly big romance in here that this manga could probably offer.

Kimi to Boku. – Episode 5: One Summer

I guess a slice of life anime can’t be complete without a summer episode. With that Kimi to Boku’s 5th episode covered the first day of summer for this group of friends. Now, I seriously smell romance in here.

Bakuman 2 – Episode 5: Comedy and News

Seems to me that Mashiro and Takagi’s decision of keeping Trap the way it is worked out really well. But then, with five episodes, who said it’s already going to be a happy ending. By the end of the episode, another problem rise.

LazerXTreme Giveaway

LazerXTreme is a world-class laser tag arena here in the Philippines. You can have a totally cool laser tagging game with your friends and they also offer packages and stuff for companies and groups. It is one of the best venues for team building and wholesome family fun.

Life is Money – Chapter 3: Murderous Frustration

As a fan of psychological battles, one of the best settings for an interesting psychological manga is an exclusive room with all the participants slowly knowing each other’s true colors. Include a little violence, intelligence and interesting characters equals a pretty good psychological manga.
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