Another - Episode 8: Hair stand

I have to admit, so far Another have been really great until now.

Yu-Gi-Oh! ZeXal + Gagaga Magician Rant

I went back to watching Yu-Gi-Oh! Zexal after placing it on-hold for quite some time and I never get tired of laughing of how stupid the monsters have gotten or whatever else I find half stupid in this series. For the record, I'm currently in episode 21.

Black★Rock Shooter OVA (review)

I have always been in awe with how great the character design is for BlackRock Shooter but after watching the OVA, I hated myself for over expecting. Sure, BlackRock Shooter is a popular OVA and after watching it, I have no idea why is it popular.

Random Drawing - Shiirakin, Ririchiyo

I rarely like Tsundere characters 'cause most of them are just plain annoying. AND for some reasons, even though Ririchiyo is a complete tsundere, I just can't stop myself from liking her :3

Bakuman - Chapter 168: Correction and Declaration

I sure find this chapter really good. AND once again, I liked Miho(:

Another - Episode 7: Sphere joint

This episode practically dealt with what happened 15yrs ago wherein the curse stopped midway. It's still a mystery but it looks like this year's class 3 is willing enough to try everything out to stop the curse.

Nisekoi - Chapter 15: Rival

Okay. So last chapter was a bit boring and this one is pretty interesting. Claude's evil plan. The transfer student. The fight for Chitoge.

Bakuman - Chapter 167: Foolish Words and A Word

I don't know why, but for reasons I'm getting tired of this arc but this chapter sure was great. Rather, I was really happy to see an all fired-up Fukuda once again.

Nisekoi - Chapter 14: Lending and Borrowing

Everyone sure loves making promises 10yrs ago, huh?

Another - Episode 6: Face to Face

Somehow this episode turned out a little lighter than before. This is probably something to break everyone watching from over thinking.

Bakuman - Chapter 166: Rumors and Articles

Okay. Now the more reason why Miho won't get the part.

Nisekoi - Chapter 13: Zawsze in Love

When we're all fixed to the idea that Onodera's the promised girl, Chitoge suddenly gave us a hint that she could be the promised girl.

Bakuman - Chapter 165: Practicing and Charging Up

AND you all thought it's all over.

Another - Episode 5: Build limbs

Answers. Finally.

Nisekoi - Chapter 11 & Chapter 12

There's always one description that comes to my mind whenever I need to describe Nisekoi. It's fast. Really fast. 

vistlip - 8th Single: Recipe

Just the news I've been waiting to see(:

Another - Episode 4: Put Flesh

Looks like it's going to be one death after another.
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