Choosing an Anime to Watch: things I look at when choosing series to watch.

Takagi and Kaya watching SKET Dance.
Each season there're always a new set of anime made by different producers; came from different manga, light novel, game or visual novel; have different genre and a lot more… Sometimes we choose specific set of anime but most of the times we try most of them. Personally, I choose a lot of series every season but don't watch all of them at the same time but I do watch everything my time can handle(: I set priority series so depending on my reasons for watching them.

This is all happening so suddenly.

I was actually writing my Bakuman. 3 Episode 6 post but I took some break. Think for a little and realized some stuff.

BTOOOM! 06: when should you give your full trust on someone when you're in a survival game?

This episode is a nice mixture of suspense and test of trust.

Bakuman. 3 05: just how much length would one go through to get something?

~another late post. I'll go watch ep6 tomorrow(:

Honestly speaking I was never a fan of Shiratori Shun (Iguchi Yuuichi). I find his arc pretty boring when I read it back then and I still have the same view now that I've watched it. But despite how much I find Shiratori uninteresting, his arc can be viewed in an inspirational way.

Sukitte Ii na yo. 04 + 05: I'm starting to actually like Mei's character.

Sukinayo is definitely you're typical drama romance series. It isn't really anything special and it doesn't really stand out in any way. But still, I watch it every week because typical shoujo is just fun to watch :3

Honestly speaking, I'm not having the motivation of writing Sukinayo but I'll feel really bad if I stop writing about this when I've already started it. I'll go watch episode 6 a little later and I'll do my best to post it soon :P ~on a side note, I still haven't seen Sword Art Online's ALO arc. I'll do my best to pull myself together and watch it this week...

BTOOOM! 05: you give them the name and they'll do the dirty work for you. Nice going Tyrannos Japan.

I just really like how this series is going. I like how everything is being shown and done carefully. The structure of the first three episodes was given in a way that the events that happened to Himiko in ep2 was simultaneously going on with Sakamoto's experiences in ep1 and ep3.

The introduction of this episode was pretty interesting - a look back on what had happened so far. It feels like this is where the real story begins.

FALL 2012 Half the Season Impression (part 1): so many great series to follow and they just get better with each episode.

I wasn't able to write a quick first impression post on the other series I am currently watching this season because of time constraints and such so I wanted to take this opportunity to write them :D We're about to reach half of the season and most series which I initially didn't find that interesting are starting to get better. It really does pay off to give everything a chance(:

As of today, I'm watching 20 currently airing TV series but of course, I won't be talking about all of them. I'll just go through the series that started this fall season which is around 17 series. LOL. So much for the difference. It seems that the only series that I'm watching which didn't start this season are Uchuu Kyoudai, HUNTER x HUNTER 2011 and Sword Art Online.
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