vistlip - 9th Single is on the way

Good news comes to those who wait :)

Danshi Koukousei no Nichijou (series review)

I wouldn't say that I love Danshi Koukousei no Nichijou. I wouldn't also say that I hate it because I don't. BUT what Danshi Koukousei no Nichijou (or have also been called as Nichibro) has really caught me is its senseless comedy that doesn't go to the love and hate part of my list, rather, it just goes to the list I like watching when I needed to cool off.

Bakuman 2. (series review)

The main reason why I got interested in watching Bakuman is that it's an anime about writing manga, reaching their dream to become the number 1 mangaka and have an anime. Bakuman turned out to be a really moving and influencing anime and manga for me.

Bakuman - Chapter 172: Miho and Naho

I guess Bakuman really is about achieving one's dream through hard work. After reading this chapter, I really have no idea what to feel about it. Should I be glad? Sad? Angry? OR what?

Gintama ends at episode 252.

I haven't really finished the first Gintama but knowing that the new Gintama' which started a year ago will end next week, I believe. This sure is sad news for me.

Bakuman - Chapter 171: Microphone and Script

Looks like Bakuman just turn from lives of a partner mangaka to the life of a seiyuu. Am I interested? I'm a huge fan of seiyuus, but no, I'm not interested.

Another - Episode 11: Makeup

This episode sure turned out a lot better than I was expecting it to be. With one episode to go, it looks like Mei will finally tell us who the heck is the extra student in their class.

Nisemonogatari (series review)

When I found out Nisemonogatari airing this Winter season, I had no doubts of adding it to my watch list. Being a direct sequel of the outstanding anime, Bakemonogatari, it's no wonder why many anime fans are looking forward to this series even before the season starts. Now that it had come to its end, I wouldn't say I'm disappointed rather I'm pretty contended with how it turned out.

catching up on Ano Natsu de Matteru

AND for some reasons, I have no idea why the heck did I wait this long to start watching this anime. I know I chose this a little later than the other Winter 2012 series but given all the interesting reviews and the number of people watching this, there's no doubt that this anime is worth trying.

Random Thoughts - 100th Post

I'm personally happy for finally being able to get a little used to blogging. Reaching 100 posts isn't really that much of a big deal but I just had the urge of writing for it(:

Updates on what I'll be doing for the next anime season comes after the cut.

Bakuman - Chapter 170: Celebrity and Popularity

A new arc finally begins and it still focuses on Miho's chances of getting the role of Naho. Now the question rises again, will Miho get the role?

vistlip - 8th Single: Recipe PV Preview

Another update!

Like I promised last post, I'll be posting here the preview of vistlip's PV for Recipe. AND now, the wait is over!!! The preview is up and with a month more to go before the release of the single on April 11!

Another - Episode 10: Glass eye

After this episode, only 2 episodes remain. I'd sure be glad if P.A. Works would not disappoint us with some sloppy conclusion. I was glad that after the two disappointing episodes, this one could be considered as a make up for those. Why is it? Like I said, questions are answered and things are finally cleared. Only one question remains for us to look forward to.

Nisekoi - Chapter 17: Cute

Believe me when I say short haired girls are really cute! :3

Hiiro no Kakera: just another otome game turned anime

There definitely nothing much to expect from an anime that is based on an otome game but that could probably be one good reason why I decided to watch this show.

-blacksheep's Spring 2012 Watch List

I hate the fact that I always choose so many series to watch and only follow a few but then, I guess deciding on so many series is probably a good thing as well since it gives me various series to watch and practically being able to taste a little of everything.

Another - Episode 9: Body paint

Another sure had a pretty amazing start but now that it's nearing its end with 3 episodes to go, I'm pretty disappointed with how Another have been from the last couple of episodes lately. I sure do hope that things will get better for the remaining episodes. Oh well, the background sounds are still as heavy and good as before :)

Nisekoi - Chapter 16: Duel

This chapter is a real shocker!!! O.O

Random Thoughts - Plans for the Future

Spring season is still a month away and I have already made up my partial plans since come April and May I'll be having my vacation from school.

Bakuman - Chapter 169: Voices and Responses

So the conclusion for Mashiro and Miho's issue has finally ended and it definitely is a heartwarming chapter.

vistlip - Updates on Upcoming Single: Recipe

The moment I checked their website, I was really happy to see the new look. Though actually, it was funny at the same time since nothing's really new about their look. Also, more details are finally given about the new single(:

For those who have read my post about their 8th Single, Recipe. Finally, here's the update!

UVERworld - 21st Single: 7th Trigger

So I haven't really listen to them much other than their CORE PRIDE Single, Hakanaku mo Towa no Kanashi Single and their Life 6 Sense Album. This 21st Single should be interesting.
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