Seiyuu Appreciation: that fishing space vampire ninja who’s secretly a part-timer demon lord Gatchaman

It’s been forever since I posted my last seiyuu appreciation post. Anyway, in this post let me talk about this rising seiyuu whom I’m really, really fond of.

Yowamushi Pedal 03: just who is that guy?

Onoda after the race.

Unexpectedly thrilling. Animation is great. Cycling jargons @__@ inspirational stuff are starting to come!

Dokushin Kizoku – First Impression

This one kind of reminded me of Rich Man Poor Woman (which is my current fave jdrama, btw). Okay, I just really have to get that off of me :3

Daiya no Ace 02: Eijun, don’t regret your decision!

Once the episode ended, I started thinking what to write about for this episode of Daiya no Ace since I really wanted to write about this series. So I settled with one of the things that Eijun felt in here…

Yowamushi Pedal – First Impression

Sports series minus the fan service. Really funny MC here. Decent animation. Pacing is okay but not the most exciting out there.

Daiya no Ace – First Impression

This first impression is coming from someone who has only seen one shounen-sports series – Kuroko no Basuke. This is an impression of someone who’d like to get to know the shounen-sports genre more and would like to explore the genre. This is also from someone who doesn’t know anything about baseball. This is all coming from someone who enjoys character-centered stories as well as inspirational ones.

With those in mind, let me get into this first impression.

Kyoukai no Kanata – First Impression

I’m honestly disappointed at the hype this series had but ending up not exactly impressing me aside from KyoAni’s usual beautiful animation.
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