Bakuman - Chapter 164: Decisions and Delight

While reading this, I'm really fired up for the decision and after reading it, I was like: seriously!?!?!?!!!!

Nisekoi - Chapter 10: Swimming

This chapter went off a little off my expectations but the ending sure was big.

Just when I was really enjoying Nisekoi a swimming chapter is introduced but what made me really get through this is the really fun character of Raku who never cease to make me laugh. 

Various Seiyū - Disney Cover Album

Okay since I'm a huge fan of male seiyū because of their amazing voices, I sure was excited when I saw this news(:

Bakuman - Chapter 163: Confirmation and Consent


The question is: Is Reversi getting an anime or what?

the Sketchbook - 3rd Single: Message

Okay, I'm running late on SKET Dance but I was sure glad that I checked out the Sketchbook's website on some random note.

Nisekoi - Chapter 9: Getting Closer

Nisekoi - Chapter 8: Home Visit

I hate myself for not reading this chapter earlier

Tetsuya Kakihara - Second Mini-Album: CONTINUOUS

Didn't know him until I heard him as Amaimon on Ao no Exorcist and I found his voice really good.

Another - Episode 2: Blue Print

AND for some reasons, he wasn't scared even if he had an idea.

Bakuman - Chapter 162: Hot Spring and Two Nights

Lots of things happen and this chapter still made me feel warm(:

Danshi Koukousei no Nichijou - Episode 1

After the all-boys slice of life Kimi to Boku last season, this season offers another boys-centered slice of life anime which is Danshi Koiukousei no Nichijou :D

Another - Episode 1: Rough Sketch

My most anticipated show this season. It was worth the wait and I wasn't disappointed even one bit.

Mobile Suit Gundam SEED HD Remastered - Episode 1: False Peace

The news about Mobile Suit Gundam SEED HD Remastered was pretty good for a Gundam SEED fan like me but while watching it, I hate to admit it myself but it was pretty disappointing.

Kuroki Meisa - New Album: UNLOCKED

It wasn't until I listened to her in Ao no Exorcist that I learned about Kuroki Meisa (黒木メイサ)  and I have to admit that her voice really is good.

Random Fan Art - Makise, Kurisu

If you still don't know who Makise, Kurisu is then you must have been really outdated this past year 'cause she has got to be one of the most interesting tsundere characters I've came across.
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