Seiyuu Appreciation: that amazing Arararararagi-san voice actor.

I was watching Honey and Clover and I can't stop myself for noticing Kamiya Hiroshi's voice there(:

If anyone out there isn't aware of who Kamiya Hiroshi is, I think that he's most notable for voicing DURARARA!!'s infamous informant, Orihara Izaya and the Monogatari series' half-vampire, Araragi Koyomi although he has already voiced a lot of interesting and memorable characters as well.

Recommendation Post: heartwarming romance series for Valentine's Day.

Yano x Nana-chan from Bokura ga Ita

I've been meaning to write a Valentine's post earlier but I've been busy with life and finishing Chouyaku Hyakuninisshu: Uta Koi.

Typical post is typical. I decided to write some recommended romance series since it is Valentine's Day(: Instead of picking out typical shoujo series with a bishounen guy making a girl helplessly crazy about him, I decided to choose series which I personally like for the romance itself not for the bishounen guy. LOL.

Work In Progress: Sanka Rea

MY 2nd test subject for my vector improvement. LOL. My first one was Natsume Zange from Inu x Boku SS.

AMNESIA 04 + 05: now we're moving to Ikki's route.

The transition between Shin's and Ikki's arcs gave me a good hint at how everything will go. My question right now is how it will end.
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