REVIEW | The Masterminds

Series: Masterful #2
 Olivia Wildenstein
 young adult, contemporary, thriller, romance
 October 12, 2016
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From prisons and reality TV to mansions and safe houses, THE MASTERMINDS revisits THE MASTERPIECERS and closes the twins’ story. It is a tale of imperfect love and imperfect people. 
The only downside to Joshua Cooper’s investigation of a mob runner is not being able to discuss it with his two best friends, nineteen-year-old twins, Aster and Ivy Redd. However, when Ivy sells one of her quilts to the mob runner, and Aster hits him with her car in a motel parking lot, they become entangled in his investigation. The FBI even believes the twins could knowingly be involved with the mob. Joshua will do everything he can to disprove their suspicion and nail the true criminal. 
Brook Jackson is a judge on the Masterpiecers’s art competition. That is his official job; his unofficial job is running questionable errands against easy cash. But a ripped quilt and the girl who sewed it will make Brook’s life and heart spiral out of control. 
Accused of money laundering, Brook becomes the fall guy. After three weeks of imprisonment, he cuts a deal with Joshua: his freedom for the real felons and a meeting with Ivy. Although eager to clear his name, Brook wants to win Ivy’s forgiveness—and if she’s willing to give it to him—her love. 

OCTOBER BOOK HAUL (aka my unexpected buys haul)

unexpected hauls.
Murder at the Book Group by Maggie King | Everlost by Neal Shusterman | The Midnight Star by Marie Lu | Holding Up the Universe by Jennifer Niven | Six of Crows by Leigh Bardugo | Rescue at Lost Baños by Bruce Henderson

I said I'll be gone by October but then I still have unfinished business. So I'll probably take up the next couple of weeks of November to post around four reviews -- one YA contemporary thriller and three adult mystery-thrillers. After those, I'll work on my new book blog to be shared on 2017. I'm honestly excited for that :)

For now, here are the books I unexpectedly acquired last October :)
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