Kokoro Connect - 04

I don't really know what to feel about this episode. I'm actually torn between liking and disliking it. First off, I like this episode because I love this anime and we're actually getting more into the story. On the other hand, I'm partially disliked this episode because it made me feel that as if all their personal and supposedly mind breaking problems seems a bit forced.

Tari Tari - 04

I guess I'm still no fan of the music genre. Not that I'm expecting so much from Tari Tari but since it's slice of life anime, I thought that I'd really like it. My first impression isn't entirely wrong but still, I guess you can never fully judge an anime base on that first impression. Music genre is something that can barely please me and Tari Tari has got to be one of those…

Nisekoi - the Real Promised Girl

I haven't been posting anything about manga lately but I'm still reading them :3 Anyway, I'll go with a quick thoughts on the chapters of Nisekoi which I wasn't able to post about. Of course I'll be getting right into the point wherein we were introduced to an additional girl into Raku's Harem(:

Arcana Famiglia - 04

As sadly as it seems, reverse harem has got to be one of the least interesting genres to watch out there. It's true that I'd like to look out for them since I'm all in it for the bishies but story-wise, it's just boring. The only reverse harem that had me hook up was Ouran Koukou Host Club, the other few reverse harem I've watched are just plain boring or senseless or annoying… Arcana Famiglia is definitely not going far from those typical and disappointing reverse harem out there…

Kokoro Connect - 03

For some reasons, I like how this anime doesn't entirely focus on the whole swapping business and I definitely like how it doesn't seem to waste its time on useless things. In this episode, we see further developments on our main characters. It's a fun episode and at the same time, I feel that I somehow understand some of them even more.

Sword Art Online - 03

I guess at some point, Kirito (Matsuoka Yoshitsugu) doesn't really want to be alone. He's a solo player because he's probably not good at dealing with people. I know the feeling. I don't now how much more we'll see Kirito like this but other than his 'bad guy' image in ep2, I guess that's the end of it…

-blacksheep's Top 3 Anime for Spring 2012

Now that we've gotten around with the first few weeks of the summer anime season, I definitely took my time writing this top 3 anime for last season. Even though I haven't finish AKB0048, I decided to go through with my top 3 since I most likely won't include it to my list anyway.

Tari Tari - 03

This episode has finally assembled the five main characters together. I personally say that I like this episode than the previous one. Anyway, with what they plan to do with their club: Choir Club and sometimes Badminton Club is just hilarious. Seriously.

Arcana Famiglia - 03

 This episode turned out a lot better than the previous one. Despite giving off that otome feel to it (which I particularly dislike), I like how this episode turned out a lot funnier than the previous one and had actually done some developments on the characters.

Sword Art Online - 02

I was battling myself in either doing an episode post on this one or not since I'm pretty sure that over half of episodic bloggers out there are sharing their thoughts on this anime. The hype was just too much for me to handle but for now, I decided to take the challenge of bringing out my thoughts on this anime(:

Kokoro Connect - 02

As a second episode, I'd say that this turned out pretty good. This episode has finally introduced that there really is someone behind the body swap and actually observing them. Similar to Inaba, I do have my questions regarding all this matter but I guess we'll most likely get answers soon.


Last week, July 7 - Saturday, I went to HERO TV FACE OFF 2012. A cosplay competition wherein the winner of the face off will get the chance to go to Singapore and compete there :3

Before I begin, I'd like to admit that this is the first time that I actually took the time and see an actual cosplay competition. I've definitely gone through a couple of anime/manga events out there and took pictures of anime figures and cosplayers but never did I sit still (or stand in this case. LOL.) and watch a cosplay competition. I guess I should thank HERO TV for the opportunity(:

~late post x_x but I guess it's better late then never, huh? :)
~on the side note, sorry for the poor camera shots :3 && this is going to be a REALLY long post.

Sword Art Online - First Impression

I know that most seasonal anime fans out there are looking forward to this series and I guess all the expectations that are being thrown to Sword Art Online didn't go to waste. This opening episode definitely lived up to the expectations with that easy to understand story line and that really beautiful art and animation.

Arcana Famiglia - 02

It's true that I like how Arcana Famiglia opened. The quick introduction of characters that was done last episode was pretty good and the Arcana Duello has taken my interest. However, this episode just seemed to pull my interest down and practically discourage my hopes on seeing a good reverse harem. Wait. Forget about seeing a good reverse harem. I'm pretty disappointed of how senseless J.C. Staff has gone with this episode.

June Anime: Spring Conclusion and 2nd Half

I guess this is the time wherein we'll get to finally decided whether an anime is good or not. If it's worth the time or not. Like Mashiro Moritaka said in chapter 174 of Bakuman., "the last scene in a manga is important. After all, you can say that whether the piece is a masterpiece or a flop depends on just that one scene." In a similar sense, I believe that an anime can only be consider a true masterpiece when the conclusion is very well presented.

Tari Tari - 02

As of this episode, Tari Tari hasn't done anything astounding to make me actually love this series. Sure the music has gotten a lot better - the piano will always take my attention - but the story haven't gotten much interesting.

Kokoro Connect - 01

I knew watching Kokoro Connect would never be a mistake. This first episode was all fun and switching bodies. Romantic comedy? Probably. Mystery? Most likely. Now, let get into my impression of this episode and this series in general.

Koi to Senkyo to Chocolate - First Impression

I've already posted my first impression on this season's reverse harem, Arcana Famiglia, and from what I can say on the first episode, it's something I'm going to watch. Now from the many harem series this season, this has got to be the one I'm having some motivation in watch other than DOG DAYS'. Although honestly speaking I don't have any deep reasons for that, I just felt like watching this more than the other harem series this season.

Sakamichi no Apollon (series review)

It's funny how Sakamichi no Apollon was never really one of those shows I'm seriously looking forward to this past spring anime season. I didn't want to look so much to it back then because the retro setting doesn't please me and the idea of music as part of it's genre discourages me but after a quick comment by Rei from Wan Abrar, I decided to seriously watch this series and even blog it(: And not to anyone's surprise, I wasn't entirely disappointed with this series.

Arcana Famiglia - First Impression

As this season's reverse harem anime, I'd say that this turned out a lot better than last season's reverse harem - Hiiro no Kakera. I'm not a huge fan of reverse harems because there aren't really many reverse harem that came to my liking. Although I have to admit that practically just like seeing all those bishounen with their sexy voices done by amazing voice actors.

Tari Tari - 01

It's just the other day when I finished my current favorite music genre anime, Sakamichi no Apollon. It had opened me to the possibility that music genre can actually be pretty good. This season, I've decided to watch and blog P.A. Works' original anime, Tari Tari.

Sakamichi no Apollon - 12 (END)

Once you see an anime's ending, that's the time when you can fully judge it. When something from an anime's concluding episode carves something in your mind, you just know that that anime will really just be something that you will remember for the rest of your life (or so I think).

Tsuritama (series review)

Tsuritama is just the 3rd anime that I was able to finish for Spring 2012 and in no surprise, Tsuritama just ended very well. It wasn't the most moving conclusion out there but it was at its usual fun to watch episode of Tsuritama with an unexpected ending (on my opinion, that is) because I believe that most of us are expecting this to end the same way winter season's Ano Natsu de Matteru did.
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