Tari Tari - 09

So TARI TARI really is a series that goes up and down for me although not really going to extremities. Comparing this episode to the previous one, it's definitely below it. Honestly speaking, I'm pretty disappointed in this episode.

Kokoro Connect - 08

So this is the episode wherein everyone has completely gone emo except for multi-personality Nagase. LOL.

Tari Tari - 08

I don't know if I should regret not watching this earlier or not since there are things I liked and disliked in this episode.

Sword Art Online - 08

So this is were the real story begins, right?

Arcana Famiglia - 09

I personally think that this turned out as a pretty decent episode of Arcana Famiglia. By that, I mean that I don't really have complains on this one…

Kokoro Connect - 07

I like how this episode actually showed the funny sides as well as the problems of this unleashing of desires.

Sword Art Online - 07

I believe that Lizbeth (Takagaki Ayahi) is the last girl to become a member of Kirito's harem. So does that mean that the side stories are over? Hope so. I'm really looking forward to seeing some real story here.

Now let's go in this episode's featured girl :3

Arcana Famiglia - 08

Jolly will always look suspicious. He's making himself play the bad guy of this series… and is he really the bad guy here?

Tari Tari - 06 + 07

Sorry for the wait, I wasn't in the mood to write this last week because of certain reasons. And as regular readers would know, I'm losing motivation for TARI TARI but with the current state of things, I'm not entirely hoping something for this series but somehow, I'd say that it's getting a bit better for me.

Nisekoi 37: Greetings

So we finally meet Mari's father and it turned out a lot better than I expected. AND for some reasons when I saw him, I immediately thought of J-son sensei from SKET Dance. LOL.

Kokoro Connect - 06

With this episode, I have to say that I'm actually liking Kokoro Connect even more. I like how they did not only focus on the idea of body swapping because keeping it right there might make the series somewhat boring somewhere in the series.

Arcana Famiglia - 06 + 07

I don't know how many segues this anime will go through but I don't want to complain anymore since people (including me) are probably complaining about the same thing. I'd refrain from that and go through what else is up with the episode. Although we all know that it's the same thing over and over. LOL.

Uchuusentai NOIZ - NARDA: Filipino Rock Song covered by Visual Kei Band

When I saw a friend shared this, I just have to share it as well because it amazed the hell out of me as a Filipino, a Japanese music fan and a visual kei fan as well.

First off, I noticed that they seem to be going on tour here in the Philippines. I was pretty surprised by the idea because this is actually the first time I've heard and seen them. I'll do the promotions later since I'm not really a fan or anything. I'm just one of those pretty amazed person seeing a news that a vk (visual kei) band is performing in the country despite not being one of those big shot vk bands such as  the GazettE and Alice Nine and vk still not being that popular in the country.

Sword Art Online - 06

The 'murder case' isn't so much of a murder mystery after all. Despite the unexpected turn of events, I wasn't really impressed or anything. This whole supposedly exciting mystery turned out to be some love-related-issue that I don't even want to go there.

Thoughts on 'Thinking about the future', 'Making decisions' and 'Reaching dreams' inspired by Bakuman.

I was re-watching Bakuman. for like the 4th time already and no, I'm not getting bored with it. Watching this series has always been making me think about how my current life is going. Whenever I look back on this series, it makes me look back on myself and what really is my aim right now. Am I doing something for it? OR am I just doing an all-talk-and-no-work at all?

Boring Season First Impressions

As expected, this season had been pretty boring and not much shows have caught my interest. I wanted to experiment on the type of shows I don't usually watch but I ended up not watching them at all. If you're going to look closely on my watching schedule, I haven't really touched most fan service type of anime. LOL. I do plan to watch them but probably somewhere between or after the season.

Sword Art Online - 05

Sword Art Online doesn't seem to be all that for me right now. Sure it's definitely a pretty good series with some very beautiful animation and such but at the end, it doesn't really have that much impact to me… Well I'm not saying that I'm not enjoying this or what…

Kokoro Connect - 05

This episode seemed a lot better than I expected it to be. We finally see another appearance by Heartseed and I understand now why some people out there calls him a troll. LOL.

Arcana Famiglia - 05

When we all thought that this series will be about the Arcana Duello, we were all stand corrected when the 2nd episode turned out to be a cat-searching episode. I'm not entirely surprise at how disappointing this turned out but I hate the idea that the first episode actually showed some promised and ended up as false-hope.

Tari Tari - 05

I guess this episode just turned out a lot better than the previous one. And this actually had something good in it, Sakai Wakana's story which I've been itching to find out ever since the principal accepted their club form.

Nisekoi - Chapter 36: Three

Raku sure likes playing with girls when he was little. LOL. The funny thing is, all of these three girls believe that they are Raku's promised girl. Raku sure is popular, huh? :P

Sword Art Online - 04

Sword Art Online seems to neglect the explanation or show how Kirito gets strong. If we ask about that, the number one answer has got to be because he's a 'beater'. End of story. I guess it's either A-1 Pictures think that it isn't so interesting to show Kirito fight monsters and other more boss over and over because that will be boring; or the author himself thinks it'll be boring. Either way, I'm not really complaining.
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