BTOOOM! (series review)

BTOOOM! is one of those series I consistently followed throughout its run. I could have blogged about it all season long if it wasn't for school. SO now, as a comeback post (well I wasn't entirely gone was I?) I’ll be posting my review for this series(:

-blacksheep's small and growing collection of anime figures.

Last Saturday, I was cleaning up my room and decided to re-arrange my stuff. I pictured it so that I can share it to other people as well(: Now let me go through my small collection.

~on some side notes, by December 20, I'll be back to regular blogging. I'll try my best to give an update or reviews on the series I watched for the season.

Choosing an Anime to Watch: things I look at when choosing series to watch.

Takagi and Kaya watching SKET Dance.
Each season there're always a new set of anime made by different producers; came from different manga, light novel, game or visual novel; have different genre and a lot more… Sometimes we choose specific set of anime but most of the times we try most of them. Personally, I choose a lot of series every season but don't watch all of them at the same time but I do watch everything my time can handle(: I set priority series so depending on my reasons for watching them.

This is all happening so suddenly.

I was actually writing my Bakuman. 3 Episode 6 post but I took some break. Think for a little and realized some stuff.

BTOOOM! 06: when should you give your full trust on someone when you're in a survival game?

This episode is a nice mixture of suspense and test of trust.

Bakuman. 3 05: just how much length would one go through to get something?

~another late post. I'll go watch ep6 tomorrow(:

Honestly speaking I was never a fan of Shiratori Shun (Iguchi Yuuichi). I find his arc pretty boring when I read it back then and I still have the same view now that I've watched it. But despite how much I find Shiratori uninteresting, his arc can be viewed in an inspirational way.

Sukitte Ii na yo. 04 + 05: I'm starting to actually like Mei's character.

Sukinayo is definitely you're typical drama romance series. It isn't really anything special and it doesn't really stand out in any way. But still, I watch it every week because typical shoujo is just fun to watch :3

Honestly speaking, I'm not having the motivation of writing Sukinayo but I'll feel really bad if I stop writing about this when I've already started it. I'll go watch episode 6 a little later and I'll do my best to post it soon :P ~on a side note, I still haven't seen Sword Art Online's ALO arc. I'll do my best to pull myself together and watch it this week...

BTOOOM! 05: you give them the name and they'll do the dirty work for you. Nice going Tyrannos Japan.

I just really like how this series is going. I like how everything is being shown and done carefully. The structure of the first three episodes was given in a way that the events that happened to Himiko in ep2 was simultaneously going on with Sakamoto's experiences in ep1 and ep3.

The introduction of this episode was pretty interesting - a look back on what had happened so far. It feels like this is where the real story begins.

FALL 2012 Half the Season Impression (part 1): so many great series to follow and they just get better with each episode.

I wasn't able to write a quick first impression post on the other series I am currently watching this season because of time constraints and such so I wanted to take this opportunity to write them :D We're about to reach half of the season and most series which I initially didn't find that interesting are starting to get better. It really does pay off to give everything a chance(:

As of today, I'm watching 20 currently airing TV series but of course, I won't be talking about all of them. I'll just go through the series that started this fall season which is around 17 series. LOL. So much for the difference. It seems that the only series that I'm watching which didn't start this season are Uchuu Kyoudai, HUNTER x HUNTER 2011 and Sword Art Online.

Nagi no Asukara: P.A. Works' new series for 2013 featuring HanaKana and Natsuki Hanae (Wien from TARI TARI)

SO what is P.A. Works up to this time around that they don't even have an ongoing series this fall? I'm not really disappointed with their no-show in the year's best season since they don't really have anything outstanding as of now.

BTOOOM! 04: that match was amazing! Now I'm ready for a re-match!

This season really doesn't disappoint. As of this week, I'm really getting a hard time picking favorites because most series are already getting into me. BTOOOM! as one of the series I've already liked since the beginning, I like how it's been very consistent with its style. The story telling is just good, the intensity of the battle between players is amazing and the characters are just great.

Bakuman. 3 03 + 04: PCP could be a good manga, Ohba-sensei should write it as his next masterpiece with Obata-sensei.

Double post for Bakuman. 3! Sword Art Online would have the same treatment. I was really busy with school last week and I was also re-watching a couple of series and still finishing Yu-Gi-Oh! 5D's. HAHA.

Sukitte Ii na yo. 03: just how much more surprising things are we going to know about Yamato?

AND I thought that Mei would get a haircut~

For some reasons, this episode didn't felt as good as the previous two. Or was I just getting too much shoujo this season that I'm starting to compare them? Whatever the reason is, I'm starting to get tired of Mei's character. Turns out she's not my type of heroine for a shoujo series. Well. Wait, turns out their relationship and their characters (Tachibana Mei and Kurosawa Yamato) aren't entirely my type of characters. Now let's get down to business.

BTOOOM! 03: why the heck is this survival game happening in the first place? I need to know!( /゚ Д゚)/

I really like BTOOOM!'s phasing. I like how the first two episodes were made to introduce the two main characters of the series. I like how this episode has told us the things we need to know about the environment, the hows and whys of Ryouta's situation.

Sword Art Online 15: Sugou Nobuyuki is the next Kayaba Akihiko but with an evil motive?

Watched it late. I watched all fall series I wanted to see first and when I have nothing more to watch… I watched this. AND it turned out as I expected it too be. We dig in to Kirito's story (I'm not using Kazuto or any other name. Changing names is a real pain x_x), we see his 'sister' and we see Asuna's condition. Now who's ready for the next OL game to be explored? :D

Bakuman. 3 02: Ashirogi's in a pretty tight spot. Nice going Iwase, now they're really in trouble.

I'll be a boy forever. That's why I draw shounen manga.

This episode has been focused solely to the development of the art of Ashirogi Mutou's PCP. It's for the improvement of their rankings~

re-watching Kimi ni Todoke: because watching 2 shoujo series isn't enough

I can't remember the last time I watched Kimi ni Todoke. prior to this re-watch I just did last night. I can't even remember clearly how the ending of S2 went. What I do remember is that it's mostly drama and misunderstanding and Miyano Mamoru voicing Miura Kento. LOL.

Sukitte Ii na yo. 02: episode 2 ends and they all live happily ever after. The end.

Now that things are going pretty well for everyone, looks like the rest of the story will be about conflicts in relationships like people trying to take Yamato away from Mei. Based on the first two episodes, Arai-san could be one of the people who'd take Yamato from Mei. And the girl that was shown in episode 1, don't know who she was but she seem suspicious. Oh well~

Yu-Gi-Oh! ZeXal (series review)

I find it funny that they decided to cut ZeXal in to two. Must be budget related? Anyway this season of ZeXal has ended and the second season started last October 7 with a new schedule and it's called Yu-Gi-Oh! ZeXal II(: How's that? As probably the worst spin-off of the Yu-Gi-Oh! franchise (not that I've finished the other two), ZeXal never made me like its art, its story or even its main character. The reason I'm probably holding on to this series is my love for the original series. ~oh childhood :3

BTOOOM! 02: girls in survival fights are pretty strong but have scary pasts~

Okay, I'm really getting hooked on this series. Man, this season is really just exceeding my expectations. There're a lot of really great shows. I've only seen a few and I haven't really been fully disappointed on anything.

Sukitte Ii na yo. 01: there really is just something wrong with shoujo male leads, they tend to like peculiar or unlikely girls~

The guys in the romance series this season are pretty weird but really funny. HAHA. First off, we have Yoshida Haru from Tonari no Kaibutsu-kun whose grades and idiot level are above average, Togashi Yuuta from Chuunibyou Demo Koi ga Shitai! previously calls himself Dark Flame Master (and based on ep2, I bet he'll get back to calling himself that soon. HAHA) and Mashiro Moritaka from Bakuman. 3 who gets a fancy face from merely holding hands with his girlfriend. HAHA. And now we have… Kurosawa Yamato who saves the girl he likes through a kiss? O.O

Bakuman. 3 01: When you're in doubt, be true to your feelings

exactly my face while watching this episode

I think that Bakuman.'s comeback episode isn't my fave OP episode this season. Although I have to admit that J.C. Staff has done a great job in continuing the series. Everything still has the same feeling (and I do mean everything because the BGM seem to not change at all. LOL).

Sword Art Online 14: how the heck did Kirito won the game?

… AND thus the Aincrad-arc ends with me getting pissed off at how the heck Kirito cleared the game.

BTOOOM!: OL game turned into reality survival game (and no, it's nothing like SAO. It's a lot better~)

The number one thing that captured me in this series is how great its suspense is as a survival game. There hasn’t  been a lot of things going on but this OP episode has definitely done a great job in introducing to us the series.

Chuunibyou Demo Koi ga Shitai!: acting like you're from another dimension is cool!

One thing's for sure, out of the 4 new series I've seen so far, this has got to be my favorite. The OP scene, the comedy, the main character, the beautiful art and animation, and this episode itself as whole was very entertaining.

Sword Art Online 12 + 13: Yui-arc end + battle with Skull Reaper makes me wonder what amazing technique they'll show this time.

Two episodes with entirely different stories. I just watched them today and no, I won't go with my usual words of I should have watched it earlier. HAHA. They weren't entirely good and there weren't really so much development in the story as well. That's disappointing.

~BTW, seriously long post.

Tonari no Kaibutsu-kun: bookworm girl and idiot troublemaker guy's romantic-comedy story

~My first anime for Fall 2012. I am really glad that I wasn't disappointed at picking this series up. I like the comedy and the romance :3 The partnership of a serious-type of character and a carefree-type of character is really great.

Kokoro Connect - 12 + 13

SO the TV run of Kokoro Connect had finally and I am more than excited to see the final arc of this series based on what Nagase questioned. I have no idea where that come from but probably she just suddenly questioned her 'feelings' since it was never really shown that she actually likes Taichi before Inaba did some fiddling on things :3

Anyway, the conclusion of this arc had been pretty good; but not very exciting. The best part I like about this is how much we are going deeper into the mystery (Heartseed #2 is an addition to the mystery) and how much I actually appreciated the new ideas that Kokoro Connect is trying to open up in here - the idea of going back to the past and recalling past memories that one must have or not have buried because of fun or painful experiences.

-blacksheep's Fall 2012 Watch List

It took me so long to finally get a chance and seriously look at the Fall 2012 line up. As expected, many shows look really interesting. I'm pretty sure most people would also be watching a handful of series this season :3

Tari Tari - 12 + 13 (END)

I have to honestly admit that despite how much I got bored in most episodes in this series, this final episode is pretty good. AND I was surprised that there was a major difference in my idea of the ending :D

Star Driver the Movie PV: APPRIVOISE!!

SO here I was again musing around ANN and found this PV of Star Driver the Movie. I was already aware of the movie before today and I am pretty excited for it.

1year of AniBlogging: who would have thought I'd make it this far?

I've read from another blog that most new and younger bloggers out there barely last long. And I have to completely agree there. Actually I never expected for myself to reach a year of blogging since I'm someone who easily loses interest on something. Moreover, it's easy to lose interest in blogging when no one's commenting on your posts and you're in this because you want to be popular, get freebies or something.

Kokoro Connect - 11

Now that a new scheme opens, I'd say that it turned out pretty interesting again. Not that Kokoro Connect had gotten bad or anything :3

Sword Art Online - 11

This episode has got to be one of those pretty uninteresting episode of SAO

Arcana Famiglia - 12 (END)

Arcana Famiglia is the first series I get to finish this season. This concluding episode honestly just made things worst. Although I've already expected this kind of ending.

Tari Tari - 11

We're two episodes away from the concluding episode and I can already see the ending :D

Sword Art Online - 10

This episode had been pretty good. And I really like how Kirito and Asuna's relation are going :3 But of course I'm not all in it for the romance. That wasn't even in my initial expectations for this series.

Kokoro Connect - 09 + 10

Another double post and hopefully my final double episode post for the season. I'll try to keep it short because I noticed that my recent Arcana Famiglia post was sooo long because I lost track of writing and kept going with everything that's on my mind.

Arcana Famiglia - 10 + 11

Arcana Famiglia is finally coming to a close and no, it didn't showed us anything better than the first episode. I'm really disappointed at how it turned out. Although I'm not really expecting anything from this. I'm just giving it some hope that at the very least it would be decent. And it barely made it. But I have to honestly admit that the bishounen really worked for me :3 I've added 3 more characters to my fave anime guys list. LOL.

Tari Tari - 10

I'd be lying if I said that I didn't had fun watching this episode.

As always, TARI TARI had been a roller coaster show for me. There are times it'd seem good and seem bad. While most people out there are probably enjoying this series to the fullest because of its comedy and drama, it doesn't seem to be the style that would make me say I like it.

Sword Art Online - 09

~I'm back with episodic posts! :D My exams are over and I hope that the results will be great. This is episode 9 of SAO and I haven't watched 10. I'll probably do that later (or tomorrow?). The rest of the series I'm usually posting will be done in awhile. Hopefully tomorrow(:

 I don't know if anyone out there is still disliking Sword Art Online but personally, it had gotten better for me. Although I haven't exactly seen where this story will go, I'm enjoying the two episodes where we get to see Asuna and Kirito together. Other than their pair up, I'm also enjoying the recent battles most especially in this episode wherein we get to see more of Kirito's badass fighting and his unique skill.

Chuunibyou demo Koi ga Shitai! PV: KyoAni's series this Fall

I'm not really a huge fan of KyoAni and I'm certainly not one of those who're looking forward so much to this series. Although this PV that I saw in ANN really does make me curious :3 That art, that atmosphere, that BGM… Is this a horror series? O.O

If there's another PV that's revealing so much of this, then I haven't seen it. This PV seriously reminded me of Another but then, doing a quick check on the genre, I was surprised to see it under comedy, romance and school. And then I was like: that PV was trolling. HAHA. Anyway, I'm pretty sure that with KyoAni, this series will definitely look good as seen from that very beautiful visuals of currently airing series Hyouka, which I was surprised to see that I was already at episode 20.

3Days of vacation is so not vacation: anime series I plan to watch over my 'vacation'

So I have 1 exam down, 4 to go :D Wish me luck! Before reviewing and getting crazy with the two subjects I need to study right now (Computer Engineering Ethics and Machine Intelligence), I'd like to share what I plan to do (or watch) during my 3crazy days of 'vacation'.

Aside from doing the usual stuff of cleaning up my school things and notes from this ending term, it's no doubt that I'll spend probably a day or two watching series that I have. I only have a few anime with me and still a number of series I plan to download. For most of the time, I'll definitely stick into watching the series that I have on-hand. So here're my list:

Nisekoi 38: Work

I can't believe this chapter took so long to get released! This is really great for those who're shipping Onodera and Raku  :3 ~oh wait, that's me :D

Tonari no Kaibutsu-kun PV: definitely a must to watch

Oh look, due to my lack of time to watch I'm dropping by ANN a lot recently. This time around, I came across the PV of Tonari no Kaibutsu-kun which seems to be a romantic-comedy. And this PV clearly just proves how good this series is going to be.

The Anime Blogger Interrogation Game

I'm not really the type to join stuff like this but I don't really want to ignore a tag as well. Besides, these random question from blogger to blogger seems pretty interesting(:

Robotics;Notes 2nd PV: doesn't really seem so interesting for me now...

I'm actually studying for my exam on Wednesday and got a bit tired so I visited ANN only to see the 2nd PV of Robotics;Note posted a couple of days back. So now, let me talk about some quick thoughts on this PV(:

So the PV's BGM are the theme songs which are performed by fumika (ED) and Zwei (OP) and I personally think that they're good. The animation seems to be great as expected from Production I.G. who worked on Guilty Crown which had really amazing art and animation as well as Kuroko no Basuke which is currently airing (and had a pretty good episode this week ^^).

Tari Tari - 09

So TARI TARI really is a series that goes up and down for me although not really going to extremities. Comparing this episode to the previous one, it's definitely below it. Honestly speaking, I'm pretty disappointed in this episode.

Kokoro Connect - 08

So this is the episode wherein everyone has completely gone emo except for multi-personality Nagase. LOL.

Tari Tari - 08

I don't know if I should regret not watching this earlier or not since there are things I liked and disliked in this episode.

Sword Art Online - 08

So this is were the real story begins, right?

Arcana Famiglia - 09

I personally think that this turned out as a pretty decent episode of Arcana Famiglia. By that, I mean that I don't really have complains on this one…

Kokoro Connect - 07

I like how this episode actually showed the funny sides as well as the problems of this unleashing of desires.
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