Mushibugyou: your typical action-battle shounen with… seriously huge insects!

I was thinking of what else I can watch this season while avoiding series that I'll most likely enjoy watching in marathon (e.g. Kakumeiki Valvrave, Suisei no Gargantia). I was eyeing on Mushibugyou because of… welll… the cast and it looks like it's going to be a long running shounen series so I might as well start early.

Shingeki no Kyojin 04: it's payback time! or is it?

I didn't expect Shingeki no Kyojin to not hold back at all.

Free! PV: looks like we're going to see swimming in an entirely new light.

Whatever the deal is with this gay looking series, I'm most likely going to watch it either way.

Karneval 03: Nai is really cute. Will Gareki have more embarrassing inner thoughts of Nai as a Niji?

Looks like we're getting background on both Gareki and Nai simultaneously.

Aku no Hana 03: Nope, he doesn't like her. It's probably the other way around.

Only 'Probably' because that's the best possibility I can think of right now. I never read the manga and never will :3

On my last post of Aku no Hana, I focused on my thoughts on Kasuga's actions. This time around, I'd like to talk about Nakamura Sawa (Ise Mariya).

Arata Kangatari 02: so Arata and Hinohara can actually communicate with each other. At least that makes things a little better.

Well at least we saw what's up with Arata.

How anime continues to encourage me.

Go to college and find what you really want to do - Natsuiro Kiseki: 15-kaime no Natsuyasumi

Aku no Hana 02: Kasuga is obviously a perverted creep for taking Saeki's clothes home.

Aside from Aku no Hana's uneasy atmosphere, one of its greatest appeal is how natural everything seems to be.

Karneval 02: I guess Circus really is a circus.

Looks like Karneval will never fail to look as fancy and flashy as the first episode.

Aku no Hana: disturbingly interesting

Well that wasn't as bad as what others have been saying. The art, I mean.

Shingeki no Kyojin: outstanding first episode, will Production I.G be able to keep this up?

Not to my surprise, Shingeki no Kyojin started off with a really outstanding opening episode. The challenge here now is how it keep its momentum up high.

Arata Kangatari: it sucks to be pulled in to a world where you're suddenly a big time criminal.

Arata Kangatari's opening episode is disappointingly not that interesting.

Winter 2013 Final Impressions.

It's a bit disappointing how 2013 started off pretty weak.

Karneval: interesting story, flawless fight scenes, beautiful characters, outstanding cast, stunning art. What more should I ask for?

Okay that was too much praise I guess I could be wrong as well but that first episode was really worthwhile(:

Uta no☆Prince-sama♪ Maji Love 2000%: That opening performance was really embarrassing to watch.

I was really hoping that Karneval will be my first series for the season but sadly not even the raw is out yet. I was battling myself if I should start this one or what…

Anyway, after watching this first episode I fully understand why it has that 'comedy' tag in the genre :3

AMNESIA: turned out more decent than I expected.

AMNESIA's execution kind of reminded me of last Summer's Arcana Famiglia carrying that interesting premise and ending up being quite an annoying series. I guess there really is nothing to expect from an anime based on an otome game. Seriously.
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