Nisekoi - Chapter 7: Handmade

Though last chapter was a little off, I have to admit that this time, it's pretty interesting and funny. Every page was funny and I was seriously imagining it as an anime because Raku's reactions were really epic.

Bakuman – Chapter 161: Breather and Party

Ahhh… So we're back to the battle between Reversi and ZombieGun. There's nothing really wrong with it but somehow it is exciting yet a little tiring already. The short arc about Hiramaru and Aoki seemed interesting and was relaxing which was probably the reason why it was brought up, to relax the reader from the intense battle between Ashirogi and Niizuma.

Kimi to Boku. (series review)

For starters, I was never of huge fan of slice of life anime but I do watch them. And when I saw Kimi to Boku. on the list of Fall 2011 anime, it was no doubt that I'll watch it but I was surprised on myself for looking forward to it every week.

Ben-To (series review)

I have to admit that Ben-To was not really on my list to begin with since I find fighting over half-priced bento kind of ridiculous but after reading a review of the first episode from a blog, I decided to add it to my list and I have to say that I was not entirely disappointed.

Nisekoi – Chapter 6: Similar

Nisekoi never fails to make me look forward to the next chapter because of its epic cliffhangers. Well, this chapter certainly didn’t open up that well but as the story goes, it gradually becomes interesting and at the end…

Bakuman – Chapter 160: Doing Your Best and Nine Hundred Thousand

I really enjoyed this chapter most especially Hiramaru’s proposal to Aoki-san :D

Nisekoi – Chapter 4 & Chapter 5

It seems that it took me forever to post something about Nisekoi and I feel that it’s been forever since I last read these chapter ‘cause of being heck busy.

This chapter really went on what I was expecting. The school knows it. And there’s no denying this anymore. The more reason for this relationship to turn into reality, yes?

Bakuman will go on a third season!

As a huge fan of the manga itself, I sure can’t contain myself when I read the news from ANN that Bakuman will be having a third season next fall.

Bakuman – Chapter 159: Tempo and Ferris Wheel

After the short two chapter-arc about Reversi’s weakness, I was sudden because of its early end but this chapter has certainly made up for it because this chapter main centers around one of my favorite mangaka in Bakuman and his oh-so scary editor.

Bakuman – Chapter 158: Drawn Out and In One Go

I’d say that after last chapter’s sudden problem, things instantly worked out just like that. And I seriously thought that Reversi’s weakness was going to be a big arc. Well, that sucks.

Kimi to Boku. – Episode 8 & Episode 9

Okay, so I have to admit that these two episodes weren’t as great as the previous ones and character developments have somehow lost in here. But then, I’d like to just enjoy the comedy it gives and practically look forward for better episodes next time :D

Bakuman 2 – Episode 8 & Episode 9

AND so, without even reaching the second half of the series, TRAP ends. With that said, I’m thinking that the second half will begin with their new series. Ohh, I can already see the ending :D
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