AMNESIA 03: so we're doing Shin's route first?

Episode 3 just rose a lot of questionable things which made me curious about the game itself. SO I made some effort to do some quick search and I found some interesting things about the game(:

Instead of blabbering abut how the episode went, let me talk about how I see this episode while looking at the mechanics of the game as a reference. I decided not to read the route summaries since I'm still not interested in spoilers and I think that the route summaries won't help much with the construction of the story itself because of AMNESIA's world itself.

GJ-bu: another series with a senseless/weird club.

GJ-bu is an anime series adapted from a 4-koma novel. I think that it's something similar to a 4-koma manga but having 4 pages length instead of 4 panels. It piqued my interest when I read about it since I've never heard of anything like it. Maybe I'm just personally curious at how it will be done.

What's the better way of watching anime? -- watching weekly or all in one go?

Almost 3years ago I learned that anime is aired on a weekly basis and a few months later, I found out that each season, new anime are aired and whatever else out there.

Once I got hooked at watching anime on a weekly basis, I tried my best to avoid watching more than 10 series at once. But due to me interest in trying out as much series as I can, by Winter 2011, I was already going over 10 series. Now let me go over with my two choices in watching anime(:

AMNESIA 02: who knew that you can actually tell when the rain will stop through its smell?

THAT ENDING is a real mystery which makes this series more interesting in my opinion :3

Chihayafuru 2: it's the first episode of Sumire-furu!

While watching this episode, my face honestly look like Mashiro's at episode 1 of Bakuman. 3 XD This first episode was just great.

Love Live! School Idol Project: it feels like TARI TARI once again -_-

School shutting down? Singing in order to prevent it? It kind of reminds me of… you know what I mean by that.

AMNESIA: another chance for the Otome Game-based anime series to redeem itself.

Watching this series really did felt like an Otome Game :3 Nice work on that part, I guess, but I don't think that the story will get anything interesting.

Bokura ga Ita: re-first impression

It has already been more than two years since I finished this series and after stumbling upon the live action, I wanted to re-watch the anime before actually watching the live action.

Yu-Gi-Oh! ZeXal II: late First Impression post

I personally don't know how it happened but I was able to finish the first half of the series (at least I think it is the first half) and I have decided to continue watching as this second season opens as a direct continuation of where the first season left off.

3min-series: Yama no Susume + Mangirl!

3mins really isn't enough to enjoy a series -_-
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