AMNESIA 03: so we're doing Shin's route first?

Episode 3 just rose a lot of questionable things which made me curious about the game itself. SO I made some effort to do some quick search and I found some interesting things about the game(:

Instead of blabbering abut how the episode went, let me talk about how I see this episode while looking at the mechanics of the game as a reference. I decided not to read the route summaries since I'm still not interested in spoilers and I think that the route summaries won't help much with the construction of the story itself because of AMNESIA's world itself.

SO how does the game works?

Apparently, before the game begins the player has to choose a route (or boyfriend) to start with. There're 5 different routes and each are entirely different from the others. The route also declares the heroine's relationship with the other characters (For example: in Shin's route, he is the childhood friend of the heroine while in Ikki's route, he's just another workmate). Despite the differences of the character's relationship with the heroine per route, their personality doesn't change.

The game has a span of 1month. I guess throughout that length, we'll see the development of the heroine's relationship with the other characters of the game.

In the game, there're  three parameters the player must look after. Although it won't really take effect much on the anime, I'd say that it was a pretty interesting touch on the game itself since the heroine's choices affects the movement of the three different parameters namely: Heroine's Affection, Trust Relations and Memory Lost Suspicion.

NOW let's talk about the mechanics' relation to the anime and this episode itself(:

It took me by surprise to see the heroine in a relationship with Shin right off the bat. But I guess this only means that by the end of ep2, right after the heroine's accident and time reversal, we're tackling Shin's route.

Since Orion got lost by the end of episode 2, looks like Shin took over the role of being the heroine's guide since he's her 'boyfriend' after all. What kind of bothered me is that some of the heroine's memories from the time reversal seem to be missing based on how she's acting. But either way, Shin was able to fill them up nicely.

On what I see in Shin's character this time around, I'd say that similar to the previous episodes, his suspicions on her easily rose. I guess it's to be expected since he's her childhood friend and boyfriend so if she's acting weird he should notice it immediately. AND how he made sure of his suspicions was pretty interesting :3

Waka's (Takahashi Hidenori) change of personality was annoyingly noticeable but after reading through the things about the game, it seems that Waka's the only character whose personality changes in each route. From what I see in here, Waka's personality will tell us which route the heroine's taking.

Based on Waka's personality difference on ep1 and 2 from ep3, I'd say that they are of different routes. This fancy gay Waka seems to be his personality on Shin's route, whose route the heroine was tackling at the beginning is still a mystery to me but I guess we can go back there soon.

What's also noticeable in this episode is the different sequence of the events. Recalling the previous episodes, their vacation happened around August 6 or so. All of the workers from the café went there including Ikki and Kent. The heroine had the accident while they are on their way to see the meteor shower. After the time reversal, the vacation happened before August and the heroine's accident is more like a mystery since they weren't on their way to see the meteor shower. Moreover, instead of having Ikki and Kent with them, they unexpectedly met them there.

Also, there's still Ukyou in my mind. Before the time reversal, he acts all suspicious following the heroine in their vacation and even looking like a real antagonist before the heroine's accident. After the time reversal, he was described as a photographer which help look for the heroine after her accident. His appearance always makes me think as if he's really part of all of this time reversal but I don't want to think so much about it because apparently he's one of the guys, the heroine can have a relationship with. In other words, Ukyou has his own route in the game.

Finally, it seems that Shin was the one at fault for the heroine's accident. However his involvement in it was, it seems that he was blaming himself for it. Hopefully he'll talk about it on the next episode...

In an overall impression on AMNESIA as of this episode, I'd say that things will get more intriguing as the episode goes and at the same time a little bit confusing because of its world. Despite being someone who's seriously not that interested in this kind of series, I'm kind of looking forward to how this will continue and how the other routes will be shown.

My reference on the game comes from this:
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