Another - Episode 8: Hair stand

I have to admit, so far Another have been really great until now.

I knew I'd hate this episode the moment I saw the preview. I mean seeing a beach episode and practically doing nothing exciting for more than half of the episode sure is boring. But to make up for that the ending sure was pretty interesting.

i'm seriously thinking she likes Kouichi :3

What I again would like to stress in this episode is how Izumi sees Kouichi. I did mentioned way back then that it seems that Izumi has interests on Kouichi. I'm not entirely sure if this episode backs that idea up but she sure made me think that way. I mean moving cars and asking Kouichi what he thinks of her and such. She definitely likes him but I'm pretty sure that the story on that won't be focused on and be further shown since it's not entirely important.

Anyway, this episode mainly dealt with their summer vacation away from Yomiyama with no worries of anyone dying and only thinking of talking to Reiko's old classmate. Somehow, other than being boring and such it was pretty funny to watch them as they look for something to eat. Better yet to say, it was kind of funny how Another tries make this episode as light as possible with some additional light comedy. My only complain on their attempt for a summer episode is the wrong background music for the scene. Sure they have made a really outstanding soundtrack for all the eerie scenes but you sure don't want to here something really relaxing and calming when you see them having fun while swimming at the beach or playing sand by the shore. But probably, it would also feel weird if they play something lively. Overall, it could have been a good beach episode without the fan service thing that we always see in many harem series. The problem only lies in the background music which definitely breaks the summer mood.

Going to their real business, meeting Reiko's old classmate. I waited so long in the episode for this and all he has to say is that he can't really recall what he particularly did to get reed of the curse. What he did mention is that one of the 2 people who died was in the mountain. No other information was given. Also, both him and Reiko said something about something happening in the shrine but they don't quite recall it. So much for hoping to see some enlightenment here. Anyway, he did gave us something to look forward to. The note he left in the classroom. It's probably some note saying what he did and what happened to them in the shrine during that class trip. With 4 episodes remaining, I wonder how will this curse will end. Moreover, they haven't really figure out who the heck is the ghost in the class.

Finally, what made me burst with excitement in this episode is the death of one of their classmate whose name I do not know. Okay, when they were talking about the class trip of class3 15yrs ago, the strong wind that blew already told me something's going to happen and it's not going to be good. I don't have to describe what happened but it sure was terrible. Now, what happens to the explanation that a person only dies when they are outside Yomiyama? Is this a complete accident? It's so hard to believe it that way.

Episode 9 Preview

this is Sakuragi, right? O.O
Looks like next episode's going to be interesting.


  1. There had to be another dead person. For once I like the change of mood but the fun stops at the end. The Sakuragi showing up again, might be a dream.

    1. another dead person? is this from the idea that 2 people actually died from the class trip? i guess it is a possibility. && yeah, Sakuragi showing up again could be one of Kouichi's nightmare.


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