Shingeki no Kyojin 10: Armin becomes a man for once.

After all those Mikasa and Eren drama and flashback, I'd say that it was about time and give the limelight to Armin.

You know that there's usually this part of the story where Armin would go emo over stuff about his past with Eren and Mikasa. How they'd always help and save him from all the shit he's going through while he never gives them anything in return. Sometimes it's what people call friendship but for people like Armin it's pretty painful when he realizes that he has never done anything for them. As a 'friend' you'd want to do something for them.

Eren said he can always try and turn himself into a titan again and run his ass to the basement of his house. Mikasa wanted to be with Eren. There was so little time to make a decision. Armin was going crazy about what to do. He wanted to be with his friends, to help them with what they are suppose to do. But on the other side of the situation, there's a part of him that tells him that he'll just be a bother and besides… he wants to live. But then Eren gave him a huge a decision to make.

Armin was so damn confuse and scared as to why Eren gave him such a decision. He has always been a weakling who seems to always get in the way. But at the end of the day Eren's words gave him the courage to run off the smoke and speak out. Seems like Eren will always be everyone driving force in here.

I was like: Nice job Armin! For once you look a bit manly but you'll forever be on my 'trap-list'. But you know, Armin's desperate talk ended up being pointless because that stupid scary-looking captain was so damn scared of Eren's power he can't even think correctly. And so commander (is it?) Pixis saves the day. Armin's manliness all went down the drain after he confessed that he was desperate. Oh well… I'll always like Armin's strategic mind and knowledge (not that he has demonstrated enough).

 As for Eren's Deadman Wonderland-like ability, it looks like his power basically works how he wants it to do - Like killing the titans or protecting his friends. Anyway, I'd like to forget that for now and see some Eren the Titan fighting next episode :3

Well this is just me again talking like crap about Eren the Titan (I mean Shingeki no Kyojin) 'cause I just feel like it. I might write about next episode again :P
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