vistlip - 8th Single: Recipe PV Preview

Another update!

Like I promised last post, I'll be posting here the preview of vistlip's PV for Recipe. AND now, the wait is over!!! The preview is up and with a month more to go before the release of the single on April 11!

First off, sorry for the poor quality but that's the only quality YouTube offers. From this 45sec preview of their upcoming PV on Recipe, I personally don't see anything new here (most especially on their looks). Particularly their looks which I somehow doesn't look entirely fresh (or whatever).

regular edition cover.
The sounds are the same as ever. I'm not going to complain that it's the same or anything since I like them this way. I now just want some translated lyrics. I'm listening to the previews on their website. Previews for all the songs on the regular edition is already up. Click This! to proceed to their discography page link and click the 3rd album art which is the regular edition and enjoy listening to the previews(:
  • Recipe - sounds like: SINDRA and the guitar right there [in Recipe] sure is catchy, I wouldn't mind listening to it over and over  :D
  • Einstein - sound like: SINDRA. LOL. Yeah. Recipe and Einstein somehow sounds the same. Hopefully the full version will give more differences to the sounds of the two but it is noticeable that Einstein sounds more generic than Recipe and Tomo's high pitches still sounds so good (as always).
  • Toroi (トロイ) - sounds like: Drop Note. without the too much rap. LOL. The rough sounds followed by some lay-low music similar to Strawberry Butterfly is something vistlip can really do well. Oh yeah, that goes back to Drop Note. again. LOL. and for some reasons, I was reminded of this video: click this! Anyway, the style done here somehow reminds me of SINDRA for some reasons.
Well that's what I think. You tell me what you think after listening to them(:

I sure can't wait for the release of their single: Recipe as well as their PV! :D

vistlip official website: click here.
vistlip on click here.
Recipe on cdjapan: vister | lipper | regular

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