[Stacking the Shelves] after a month of resisting comes a good set of new books~

Stacking the Shelves is a meme hosted at Tynga’s Reviews.

This is my first Stacking the Shelves post and I’m quite excited to share my latest hauls after what feels like more than a month.

Since I’m currently in my summer vacation (which will finally come to an end by June), my parents don’t give me allowance thus causing my money to plummet when I bought Divergent and Shadow and Bone more than a month back and finally go down the drain after I paid my remaining balance and finally getting my manga order which was composed of JUDGE vol2, Are You Alice? vols.1-3, and Attack on Titan vols4-5.


I got a nice chance to get more books when my dad asked me to do something for him. This past week when all my YA books were all piled up being labeled as ‘read’, my dad finally brought me to the bookstore in which I got my latest hauls. While I am really happy for these, I’m a bit disappointed at myself for failing to get a few more books which I saw there – the Selection series, Night Film, and Tsarina (which I forgot to ask about). But ohwell, I’ll just get them when classes resume this June~

Aside from the books I got, my dad also got me a Fullybooked discount card. YAY!

NOW here’re my new books and some quick thoughts about them(: I’ll be glad to hear some nice things about some of them so that I can decided which I’ll read first from them after I’m done with Jane Eyre (which will probably take some time since I tend to read quite slow when it’s a classic~ not that I’m a fast reader or anything).

[on some side notes, sorry for the pretty poor photo qualities since I just used my phone. and no, my phone is not glamorous so the photo qualities aren’t that good]


I really enjoyed Legend so I really can’t wait to get my hands on both Prodigy and Champion but it turns out that they’re freaking difficult to find now especially that they’re being republished by Speak. Well so far Speak has republished both Legend and Prodigy. But Champion, I think will be for another year so I bought the one released by Penguin Group which unexpectedly has a cover with an entirely different texture as the Speak release. It sucks but I can deal with it.

I also bought both Shatter Me and Unravel Me. While I really want to get the entire series in just one buying, I stopped myself from getting Ignite Me because my obsessive compulsive-ness is striking me. The only copy of Ignite Me available there was the hardcover and I don’t like mixing paperbacks and hardcovers together. If I start a series with paperback, they have to be paperback all the way, if hardcover then all hardcovers. I’m a really simple person and I’m annoying, I know.


After more than a month of finishing Divergent, I’m really glad to finally get my hands on both Insurgent and Allegiant although I’m a bit scared to read Allegiant after seeing it in a good amount of Top Ten Tuesday this past week being something that isn’t quite good (or maybe something that failed to live to all the expectations). You see, people wish they had put it down! Just how disappointing was it? <(≧A≦)>

Finally, the last on my book haul are Code Name Verity and Between Shades of Gray which are both historical-fiction. I’ve been meaning to get both for a long time now. I’ve read a couple of good reviews of Code Name Verity so I’m quite excited to read it. I’m actually a bit disappointed at not getting the edition whose cover I really like – this edition. But I don’t really want to complain so much.

Between Shades of Gray, on the other hand, is something I saw on another bookstore but is in hardcover and poor condition. I’d rather wait and find a better copy in paperback than buy in hardcover but poor condition. I hate unpleasant condition books. It lessens my motivation of reading them. And did I mention that Between Shades of Gray is my fave book cover among these new books I have? Both front and back cover look beautifully subtle.


*             *             *

What do you guys think of my new haul? Any advice on which I should read first? :)
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