I never expected ZETMAN to actually have a pretty decent concluding episode. It had been a rollercoaster ride as I watch this series and that ending was pretty good. Episodes 11 and 12 had done a really great job in making way for this conclusion. Now I guess I can say that I'm glad that I decided to watch this anime :D

Like what I have always been saying, the final battle between Haitani and ZET is something I've been looking forward to. I wanted to see how strong Haitani Seiji (Yusa Kouji) is and look what I got? A quick battle with Haitani and a never ending battle of justice with Amagi Kouga (Miyano Mamoru). Anyway, the battle scenes throughout this episode were really great. I really like how nothing actually gets censored, darkened or pixelated. First off, the battle between Haitani and Kanzaki Jin (Namikawa Daisuke) turned out a lot faster than I expected. It's more like Haitani gave up and just played with Jin's mind so that his plans can continue even without him. Although what he did still failed. Jin had a pretty strong heart and that's what made him keep Kouga alive despite killing Tanaka Hanako (Ise Mariya) in her Player form.

This final episode practically made Jin's and Kouga's brand of justice clear. First off, Jin had his emotions all over the place when things get rough. He never had to do the test Kouga went through so he base his decisions on his emotions. As Amagi Mitsugai (Iizuka Shozo) - Kouga's grandfather - said, Jin's imperfection is the human emotions that Kanzaki Gorou (Senda Mitsuo) has taught him. Now for Kouga, seeing him act all the way on his own in this episode just gave me a quick impression of Yagami Light from Death Note which was also voiced by the same V.A.. That 3yrs look after the incident just made it look that Kouga is all for the praise. He'd do anything to keep the civilians safe.

Finally, the 3yrs later part didn't really became that interesting at all. Although adding it was pretty good. Seeing Hashimoto Mayu (Fujimura Ayumi) become Kouga's partner wasn't anything surprising at all because ever since she saw Kouga act all heroic as he talk about justice when they were in middle school, she has already like him. With how this series ended, I believe that this could be the best they can do. With Kouga playing his role as ALPHAS and has finally taken over the Amagi Corporation while Jin saves everyone behind the backs of the media and practically unknown to the public. Although his presence is still very well known by the Players themselves. As Kouga has questioned at the end, "Are the Players staying low because they're afraid of ALPHAS? Or is it because of ZET?"

In an overall look at this episode, TMS Entertainment had done a pretty decent job in closing this series. Although seeing a shadowed guy before this episode ends is pretty intriguing but I'm pretty sure that this is the end of the series despite the ongoing manga.
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