Nisekoi: anime finally been green-lit!

Nisekoi's the first manga which I read the moment it was serialized. I can't believe that it has been more than a year since it happened. But what I'm more surprised is to actually see a news like this.

Honestly speaking when Nisekoi was first released, I doubt that it would last a year due to its shounen rom-com nature. I haven't really read so much manga but I personally think that most rom-com-harem anime come from light novels. But either way, Nisekoi definitely showed some promise right from its first chapter.

To give a quick overview of Nisekoi, it basically revolves around a promise made by two children ten years ago. Raku Ichijou has a locket and the girl he made a promise to ten years ago has the key. Sadly, he doesn't know if this girl still actually cares about this promise. It's something so childish anyway. To top that, he gets kneed by this new blonde student from America. Next thing he knows he, Raku Ichijou, the son of the head of the Yakuza Shuei-Gumi, is forced into a relationship with this blonde -super-strong-transfer-student from America namely Kirisaki Chitoge who apparently is the daughter of their rival gang's boss.

As someone who was reading the manga, I'd say that I like Nisekoi's style of comedy. Raku's typical comedy punch lines and Chitoge's tsundere character nature were really done nicely. The harem in this series is nicely done (or maybe I was being a bit bias since I like this series) and Raku's character as a leading guy is typically likeable. He's naturally nice to all the girls around him. He has a stupidly fun best friend. He has a girl that he likes - Kosaki Onodera. And just like every harem lead out there, he's super dense.

With less than 80 chapters out, I'm pretty surprised to see Nisekoi immediately get an anime adaptation. Maybe a 1 or 2 cour would be enough for the series together with an anime original ending. But it would also work out if they'd hang the ending out to see the manga until the end and make a more satisfying ending. As of now, I'm looking forward to see the cast, staff and anime production company who'll work on the series :3

~and now, I feel like going back on reading this manga :3 and I'm also thinking of continuing my weekly post on this...
~news taken from ANN.
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