Kuroshitsuji Live-Action Film: Gouriki Ayame dressed as a guy? Count me in!

I've never seen the anime and I've never read the manga Kuroshitsuji. End of story.

Without seeing the anime, I'm pretty much aware of what to expect from this film. Well I don't exactly know but at the very least I have an idea. But you see, with this film adaptation, the original series doesn't really matter since it's more of an original story but adapting the idea of the demon contract and stuff like that.

ANN has given an overview of the film and it looks like this adaptation of Kuroshitsuji will be set in the future :3 But I don't really care so much of those details. The film is headed by Gouriki Ayame (and damn, I really love how she looks :3 looking at her makes me want to get a haircut ASAP) who's probably know to non-jdrama fans as Furusaki Yuno in Mirai Nikki: Another World. Mirai Nikki isn't really her star role although I've yet to see more of her. I particularly love her in Taisetsu na Koto wa Subete Kimi ga Oshiete Kureta - positive and serious yet relaxed Ayame :3

Well okay, she's the reason why I'm so psyched for this film. I think that she'll be filling the role of Ciel Phantomhive but in an entirely different way. Reading through ANN, it was said that Gouriki will be a girl dressed as a guy in order to lead the Phantom Corporation. However that will be, I'm definitely excited to see Gouriki do such a role :3 But sadly this film is still on 2014 and that's a really long way to go -_-

Aside from Gouriki, Mizushima Hiro (Hana Kimi) will be taking the role of Sebastian Michaelis while magazine model Mizuki Yamamoto will be playing another original character named Rin who serves Shiori Genpou's (Gouriki Ayame) family as a maid.

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