This episode is pretty good though the sudden transition from their childhood to their middleschool (is it? or is it HS?) is a little off and makes me want to question about the long period that was missing though I sure do wish that some flashbacks will be shown. I wonder how was this transition done in the manga.

Delayed post is delayed. I've been busy with finals week + projects. o(x.x)o More late posts will come very soon - by the weekend perhaps.

Despite the sudden transition that I somehow didn't like, this episode turned out pretty good.. It gives off some good suspense atmosphere to the anime itself. For some a  middle school (or is it HS?), it really was laughable for Amagi Kouga (Miyano Mamoru) to suddenly bring up issues that does not concern the people in the event that they are in and saying that he wants to be some kind of hero of justice. It looks like he still's a child no matter how you look at him. At some point, I sometimes see him quite similar to the character of Mashima Taichi from Chihayafuru - without all the justice talks - which is another character of Miyano Mamoru. The idea of wanting to be with a childhood friend whom he has never seen ages ago (LOL) and the  the incident at rescuing the mother and the children by the burning house somehow reminded me of Taichi at the early episodes of Chihayafuru. Not that Kouga is actually like Taichi but he just gives me the same feeling - and I'm pretty sure it's not that because of the voice. LOL. AND I literally laugh when Kouga was made to wear a helmet for protection and he refuses because "it's uncool" - I'm really looking forward to funnier lines most especially from Kouga (I'm not expecting much from Jin. LOL).

As for Kanzaki Jin who's now voiced by Namikawa Daisuke is still a very interesting character. Now that he's gotten a lot older, I believe that he's fully aware of his ability as ZET but still does not know why is it that he has that kind of ability as shown through his quick conversation with that arsonist Player. Anyway, I really like Jin's way of thinking when he rescued the children together with their mother in that heavy fire though at some point, he's also using his emotions in making that decision. I smiled when he said "if they do die, at least they'll die together" but in Jin's deeper context, he understands the feeling of growing without his biological parents (not that he has any since he's a ZET).

Anyway, comparing to the first episode, I believe that this episode had some better BGM which I did liked. I think that as of this point, ZETMAN is still pretty strong in terms of story and animation. Characters are good as well and they're pretty interesting. I like both Jin and Kouga as main characters and how different the two of them actually think and act. Konoha, on the other hand, has got to be a pretty uninteresting heroine of this show but it does make me curious why she's scared of her grandfather. As for the other heroine, Tanaka Hanako (Ise Mariya) who has shown interest in Kouga is yet to be introduced but somehow, I have a feeling that I'll like her. As for the pacing of the anime, it does seem a little fast but I don't really mind it. I personally think that the two episodes have done their job in introducing us the series, the characters and everything else that is important. The suspense is building up pretty well most especially by the end of this episode after we saw Kouga's grandfather have Jin for himself. Moreover, looks like Jin's foster parent, Kawakami Akemi (Hayamizu Risa) is in another dangerous spot.

I'm pretty sure that the next episode will be pretty interesting. Fast pacing or not, this anime is sure up for some pretty good cliffhangers. Recommended to watch? Not really but it'll be pretty good to watch. Action is pretty good though it seems that ZETMAN isn't actually fully focusing on this factor rather on the character development of both Jin and Kouga as well as their sense of justice (is it?) or their way of thinking.

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Episode 3 Preview

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