Sankarea - 03 + 04

Doing double episode posts this early in the season!? Yeah, I got a little carried away and actually forgot to watch Sankarea.

Anyway I have to say that Sankarea sure is taking everything step-by-step. It may be a little slow paced but it fits perfectly for the anime. Also, I have to admit that it's very well presented and the story is going pretty smooth.

Episode 3: A Zombie is Born

Yeah, Rea drank the potion last episode and I seriously thought that she'll wake up as a zombie. I guess I had a really stupid idea. HAHA. Well, she should die first before she becomes a zombie. AND she did. At the end of the episode.

Before that, let's go to the great points of this episode. I really like how Sankarea gets to be a zombie anime but generally makes every genre included here interesting. First there's the drama part of the story. Poor Rea's story. Yeah, I haven't gotten over that but after this episode I am. The zombie part of the story has been going on process and I have to admit that it's pretty interesting. Looks like Sankarea will present us another style of a zombie anime. I mean if Hightschool of the Dead gave us man-eating zombies and Kore wa Zombie Desu ka? gave us a zombie who doesn't die even if he's cut and smashed into pieces, I'm seeing Sankarea as a zombie anime that will have zombies with consciousness. Well that's just great. Now for the romance part of the story, when I said last episode that Rea's into Furuya, this time I think that Furuya's into Rea. I mean notice when he just freaked out and started crying when he thought that Rea actually died? I'd love to see more development here :3 AND finally, the comedy part of the anime is just well… great :D Furuya's grandfather really is weird and Mero is just cute. AND we finally get to see Furuya's classmates AND damn that noisy guy was freaking funny going gay over their Shun-type friend. HAHA.

Finally, Rea's mother has gotten into me. Again. I'm getting confuse if she dislikes Rea or she just wants the attention of the father all for herself. I mean when they were at breakfast and Rea came, her mother just walked out with a little anger or whatever BUT when she saw Rea sneak out, she didn't told the father and just let her get away with it.

~I wrote this thoughts after watching ep3 and before watching ep4 :3

For more screenshots, click here.

Episode 4: She'll Sleep When She's Dead

This episode practically showed us what's going on with Rea's body now that she's a zombie. AND on the looks of things, there could be something that she needs to maintain her consciousness. Hydrangeas perhaps? Babu did eat a leaf when he became a zombie, right? Probably Rea needs to eat them too. Also, what I actually like in this episode is Furuya's realization that he's finally living his dream :3 Rea's right there. In his house. Currently a zombie. Now we're seeing some interesting development here. Also, now that everyone knows that Furuya knows Rea, things could probably be more interesting. I'm pretty sure Yasutaka (Iwase, Shuuhei) will insist on seeing Rea :3 Also, the preview just screams ZOMBIE ACTION! HAHA. Did you see that preview? Rea and Wanko? xD

Anyway, I found this episode the most boring yet but pretty much Furuya and his fantasies just made up for that before the episode ends :3 I knew that turning her into a zombie will have some consequences and this episode and the preview just showed it. First, looks like Rea's going to really die if Furuya won't do anything about her dying body. And second, the preview shows that Rea's attacking Wanko. Whatever the reason is, it makes me want to watch it already. It could either be: (1) she has really turned into a man-eating zombie OR (2) she attacked Wanko because Wanko's close to Furuya and Rea's jealous :3

Oh and before I forget, Rea's mother, Aria (Asano Mayumi), probably just hates Rea for hogging all the attention from her father. Her father might have been fallen in love with Rea that her mother was just… there. Forgotten. That the maids were mentioning something about going host clubs because Rea's father just don't see her anymore.

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Episode 5 Preview

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