Bakuman - Chapter 175: Release Date and the Night Before

A couple of days ago, I read from another blog that Bakuman is finally coming to its end. Should I be happy? Sad? I don't really know but one thing's for sure, I was expecting it.

Reversi has really done it.
The chapter opened while Takagi was analyzing their volume prints. The outcome? Pretty predictable. I can't believe that their battle with Nizuma ended just like that. I was hoping for something bigger but I guess it was alright as well. I mean, Ashirogi's battle with Nizuma isn't the highlight of the show anyway. It's Mashiro's long distant relationship with Miho.

Takagi could be the bestfriend I'm looking for :3
True. Mashiro and Takagi have stayed by each other through a lot of things. Remember how they started? Mashiro just left his math notebook with a drawing of Miho before the exam and Takagi happens to see him left it. Takagi waits for Mashiro and invites him to write manga with him. Takagi became the bridge that pushed Mashiro to confess and propose to Miho. When he makes a decision, he thinks about Mashiro. A lot. Anyway, now that Mashiro's about to marry Miho, it's really cool for Takagi to wish for Mashiro to marry as JUMP's number 1 mangaka. He did his best for this wish, for Mashiro, for their name as Ashirogi Muto and for beating Nizuma's ZombieGun.

Seeing how everyone's doing…
is a sign that Bakuman is truly ending. Remember last chapter's one-page full of all the mangakas Ashirogi has encountered? That's one hint that Bakuman has come to its end and next thing I know, I read a news that Bakuman is ending. Seeing everyone again [without Nanamine this time (too bad) and Shiratori] is always nostalgic. Makes me want to read the entire manga again. I'll buy the volumes if I can find them :3 Nizuma's challenge is always exciting but knowing that we won't see it anymore is sad. Also, I smiled when I saw former editor-in-chief , Sasaki-san together with Heishi. AND the funniest page has got to be Hiramaru x Aoki and Shizuka. xD

Kaya's role.
Yeah. I didn't notice it myself that I have bypass Kaya's role in Mashiro's dream and success. She did gave them the name Ashirogi Muto together with its beautiful meaning. I honestly tear up while reading this part. I was just going aww while reading it. She is an amazing friend that I have never noticed before because of how much I just get annoyed in her character. BUT seeing it now may be a little late but not too late(:

Mashiro's number 1 encouragement.
As you can recall, his uncle has actually been the one who inspired him to become a mangaka ever since he was little. He was the same person who made Mashiro forget that dream. Moreover, he's the same person that made Mashiro accidentally propose to Miho that night in middle school. Mashiro wants to fulfill the things his uncle wasn’t able to do so. Remember the rank 1? The ending of S2 of the anime? I cried there because of happiness. That was another aww moment for me (LOL). Anyway, when Mashiro said he'll follow the textbook, I was heck confuse with it. BUT when he opened his uncle's diary, I understood. I don't really know what he's going to get there but maybe some inspiration or push to give him the courage in proposing properly to Miho.

~Long post on Bakuman this chapter. I had a lot of nostalgia moments with the manga since it's ending :(
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