Kimi to Boku. 2 - 04

One thing why I probably like Kimi to Boku is how much it can actually reflect real life. Real relationships. Real people.

I really liked this episode despite the little less comedy it offered. Sure the Asaba brothers are a couple of stoic looking characters, but they can actually make me laugh really hard. The two of them have completely different personalities and their differences really stood out this episode which centered on the relationship between the two of them.

Yuta being the older of the twins, he sure is responsible, understandable and he easily sees through anyone. Yuki, on the other hand, is pretty hardheaded and stubborn. Despite the huge character differences, they do have something similar, their common sense. AND if you've been watching ever since the first season, you know what I mean.

When doing general cleaning, it's a must to waste time and read stuffs to know
which must be thrown and which shouldn't be.
I do that a lot
It's pretty common for siblings to fight over stupid things and this part is where I can relate the most. I'm definitely admitting that I'm more of a Yuki than a Yuta personality-wise but I can be a little responsible at times. I actually understand how Yuta feels when Yuki was too lazy to clean their room and I don't really blame Yuta for feeling angry in Yuki. BUT when Yuki saw the map he saw earlier and dug up what was there, the broken plate reminded him how much Yuki actually cares about him. Yeah, Yuki's actually a really nice guy despite being stubborn, lazy, unreliable and all. When Yuki saw how Yuta got scared when he broken a plate, Yuki didn't even had second thoughts and helped Yuta out. They kept the plate hidden and Yuki actually made Yuta comfortable by saying that since he helped Yuta out, he's considered as an accomplice in thecrime.

As for Yuki's stubbornness, he went over Kaname's to crash over. He told him about how Yuta's pissed off with him and of course, Kaname's on Yuta's side and kept on telling Yuki to just go and apologize. When Kaname called Yuta and Yuta said that he doesn’t care if Yuki doesn't go home, I'm pretty sure that getting the thought burns the inside of Yuki though it can't be seen. I'm pretty sure we all know how much Yuki's attached to Yuta. Remember the episode when Yuta went on arelation with Takahashi? Yuki was jealous there, I'm pretty positive about that. So when Yuta finally came up and fetched Yuki from Kaname's, he didn't even hesitated and followed his brother :D

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Episode 5 Preview

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