For some reasons, this episode turned out a little faster than I thought OR was the action and suspense that has gotten into me just makes me feel that 20mins seem so fast? Certainly ZETMAN hasn't done anything that makes me say that this anime will be anything outstanding and I don't see this getting there BUT for some reasons I'm really getting into this.

As always, the time moved so fast again. It's been two long years since the incident about the arsonist and now, Jin's living on his own as he promised to gramps Amagi. We never heard anything about Akemi getting disappointed or missing Jin since Konoha said that she received a letter. Yeah, that was never shown. That could have been a dramatic part for Akemi. I guess they don't want to focus so much on drama here.

For the record, Jin has never changed ever since he's a kid. We all know that Jin's probably up in helping other people. BUT for him, helping comes with cost. 10k Yen. I actually laugh when he asked the guy he helped in the first few minutes of the episode a 10k and the old detective kept him shut. AND I actually like the relationship between the two of them. It seems that Mr. Detective is fond of Jin(:

"It's when thing's are tough that you have to keep your head up high"

As for Kouga, the reality about Jin being the one who saved that family during the arsonist incident was kept hidden from the public. Kouga's considered a hero and their corporation was able to make money because of it. BUT the real highlight here was that we were given the idea that it won't be long until Kouga finally cosplay as ALPHA as said by the guy he was talking to.

Also, finally Hanako is finally introduced. We'll probably hear her background story soon and I wonder if she'll be staying with Jin. BUT I doubt that will happen anyway. Gramps Amagi did said that Jin's suppose to live alone. Plus, Jin is being observed. She can't live there being left unnoticed by the Gramps Amagi's people. Anyway, in Jin's battle with the players this time, he seems to have acquired more power due to the research and other stuffs that Gramps Amagi is making him go through. The bubblegum that he chews is suppose to bring out his full potential and somehow it's doing its Job. This time, Jin's ZET form is in full white. I don't know what it means but I do know that it's still not the full ZET that Gramps is looking for. BUT it's clearly shown that ZET is going over 100% and I completely don't understand that - other than the idea that he could be getting stronger and stronger.

AND finally, I was glad that the Sweeper guy has been given a little background. I was really curious of it during the first episode AND it looks like he eliminatesPlayers who does not act as a human or bothers the humans. The good question in here is that why did he attacked Jin? O.O

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Episode 5 Preview

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