Kore wa Zombie Desu Ka? OF THE DEAD - 01

Season one sure had a pretty good start but not entirely consistent. Though the biggest let down for last season was actually the conclusion episode as well as the final episode which became a total fan service episode.

With how the first season went and given the comedic-ecchi 1st episode of the OVA, I undoubtedly added this second season to my watch list. Am I interested in ecchi-genre anime? No. I just generally like this anime and Aikawa Ayumu's (Majima Junji) harem.

Going over to my impression of this series, Kore wa Zombie Desu ka? OTD opened in a less interesting manner as last season but they're technically equal in terms of comedy. As an introductory episode for the second season, it didn't bother to go on some quick re-introduction of Aikawa's harem. All they said was that Aikawa's a zombie AND a mahou shoujo (LOL), Haruna (Nomizu Iori) is a mahou shoujo - I can't remember if they mentioned anything about her loosing her ability (or whatsoever), Seraphim (Hikasa Youko) is a vampire-ninja, Tomonori (Kanemoto Hisako) is Aikawa's fiancée (or whatever), Sarasvati really likes Aikawa (though she was just shown) while Eucliwood (Tsukimiya Midori) is a necromancer. As of now, I still have no idea as to where this season will focus given that it's going to be 10 episodes long. Sure do hope they'll go deeper on the Eucliwood-arc if there's still anything to it.

Going to what I generally like in this episode, I certainly enjoyed the comedy which as I have mentioned technically equal to last season's. I seriously laugh when a magazine or school news paper of some sort have Aikawa's picture in his Mahou Shoujo costume. Moreover, when he ran to that new pinked-haired "fairy" character and unfortunately faced a megalo and finally had to transform to a Mahou Shoujo, I find myself laughing nonstop at how Aikawa's rep got seriously damaged.

Character-wise, a new character is already introduced right in the first half of this episode, it's that pinked-haired "fairy" Aikawa was talking about. She looks pretty funny and it's going to be a wild ride with her as part of Aikawa's harem. I'm pretty sure that she'll play a huge role in this season. As for the rest, given the OP that was shown, it looks like a load more new characters will be shown (or were they the same people as last season and I just seriously forgot them?).

BGM was pretty good. The one that totally got stuck to me was the BGM when Aikawa went to the clinic before he goes home and meets the pink-haired "fairy". HAH! As for the art and animation, nothing really changed as far as I can remember though the battle between Aikawa and that megalo was pretty good and his 1000% Mahou Shoujo transformation (or whatever) was pretty good (and funny).

Overall, I'm looking forward to a better season of Kore wa Zombie Desu ka?. With 10-episodes this season, I hope that nothing will be rushed (though I doubt that it'll happen). Also other than ZETMAN, I'm also placing Kore wa Zombie Desu ka? OF THE DEAD into consideration as part of my wide anime coverage this season. I know both of them had some pretty low votes on my poll but that isn't entirely my basis on choosing what I'll blog anyway.

for more screenshots, click this.
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