Sakamichi no Apollon - 03

My favorite episode yet. I seriously thought that Sakamichi no Apollon will only focus on music but with how this episode turned out the romance part of the story is really great. It really moved me.

One of my favorite anime genres has got to be romance and the romance shown in this episode of Sakamichi no Apollon is probably one of my fave. Yeah, it's more of a misunderstanding which brought about the drama of the episode but it made some really good love-triangle look in Kaoru's point-of-view. Well this episode was just full of misunderstanding, yes?

I wouldn't go into the details of this episode and go straight to my thoughts. As what was clearly shown in the last episode, Sentarou has definitely gone head over heels for Fukahori Yurika (Endo Aya) and Kaoru was just suddenly so fired up to help him out. It's most probably because he likes Ritsuko :3 Well that was just great. HAHA. It was really funny when Sentarou was trying his best to ask Yurika on their group date and I just have to say that it's sooo obvious that it was Sentarou that likes Yurika BUT probably Yurika was pretty used to those kind of things that she asked the two of them who's really inviting. AND Sentarou just suddenly said it was Kaoru (because of nervousness perhaps). AND so the misunderstanding goes.

Anyway, I'm pretty positive that Ritsuko likes Kaoru and he's clearly thinking that she likes Sentarou. Ahhhh… The two of them. So sad. Well, on Ritsuko's part, Kaoru has already confessed to her in some pretty romantic and unexpected way to her. Yeah, she was thinking that Kaoru likes Yurika and when he played to her that piano piece, Someday My Prince will Come, she seriously thought that Kaoru was practicing but when he told her that he wasn't. She didn't say a thing. He didn't ask for anything either. I really wonder how their relationship will go.

As of now, I've been constantly being surprise by Sakamichi no Apollon since I didn't expected it to be this good. As a music genre. As a slice of life. As a romance anime.

For more screenshots, click here.
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