Sakamichi no Apollon - 02

I just felt really refreshed after watching this episode. I can't really explain how much I'm liking this anime :D

I really like the relationship between Sentarou and Kaoru. When Kaoru was pulled in by a bunch oftroublesome guys who're not telling him why, Sentarou came in to the rescue without second doubt (well because Ritsuko told him about Kaouru anyway). Without knowing, I'm pretty sure why that guy wanted Kaoru beat up. It's practically because he likes Ritsuko and he saw last episode that Kaoru and Ritsuko have gotten close to each other even though he's a transfer.

Anyway, their jamming session by Ritsuko's place was really great. I have always loved the sound of the cello. AND for some reasons, even though I've never really formally listen to any jazz music before, I actually liked it. With Kaoru's two weeks of jazz practice, even though he haven't perfected it, Jun-nii (Suwabe Junichi) actually liked his piano. I'm pretty sure that Jun-nii will be the inspiration figure for them and I'm not complaining about that. He's playing the trumpet (and they said in Uchuu Kyoudai that playing it is pretty difficult). I'm definitely looking forward to more jamming session of the four of them: Sentarou, Kaoru, Jun-nii and Ritsuko's father :D

After their session, Kaoru was able to ask Ritsuko to do homework together. AND in his point-of-view, it's going to be a date with Ritsuko while Ritsuko, on the other hand, invited Sentarou with them :D I really enjoyed watching them all sort of things. Well they mainly swim anyway. Kaoru swimming sideways was pretty funny :)) I can't believe him. Also, in his desperation (LOL) to impress Ritsuko in some way, when they were on their way back, he asked Sentarou to exchange places. AND he couldn't even properly row the oar. This rich kid is really weak but it's pretty cool that he's actually doing his best to  do new things and stuff.

AND on the side note, I'm wondering about what is up with Sentarou being special and all because of that rosary that he's wearing.

For more screenshots, click here.
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