vistlip - 9th Single: B

The details for the 9th single has finally come out!

vistlip is a Japanese visual kei band, formed in Tokyo, Japan on July 7th 2007. vistlip has 5 members, (Tomo) on vocals, Yuh and (Umi) on guitars, 瑠伊 (Rui) on bass and Tohya on drums. vistlip is signed to Marvelous Entertainment Inc..

As I have mentioned on my last post, vistlip will release their 9th single of July 4th together with the final one man tour for [the end of ORDER MADE] entitled [THE END.]. With the recently released single Recipe, another cycle of the hype has begun because of this announcement a couple of weeks before it was release. Well as I have said before that was an expected single anyway since it's a July single, the month vistlip was born. It's their 5th anniversary by the way so this single has some new things in stored. AND for the record, I find the title pretty weird. LOL. Not that I understood the other titles.

This 9th single has 3 different types (as usual), the CD + Booklet (Limited Edition), vister (CD+DVD) and lipper (regular). All three singles will include 2 new songs: B and PERFECT CRIME and will include 1 of 10 random trading card. So the tracklist for the new single is as follows:


  1. B
  3. 偽善MASTER[Re:birth]
  4. B (inst)
  5. PERFECT CRIME (inst)

[vister] (CD+DVD)
  1. B
  1. B - music video
  2. B - making

[lipper] (regular)
  1. B
  3. Little Fabre

vistlip official website: click here.
vistlip on click here.
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