Bakuman - Chapter 173: Moment and Last Volume

I don't really know what to feel about this chapter. Somehow it was good but at the same time I didn't like it.

Getting Married.

I guess they won't get married that fast yet and live happily ever after. That only happens in fairytales. Since Mashiro and Miho is a stubborn couple, they insist on marrying each other once their dream actually comes true - when Miho voices Naho on Reversi. Stubborn people never changes. Marrying right now and marrying when that time comes. What the difference? "The world might end tomorrow, you know?", then the more reason they should marry right now, right?

Miho's up for a surprise.
Yeah, I'm somehow jealous of Miho for having Mashiro. Actually, if I'll be ask which Bakuman character I like (as in like not fave, 'cause my fave is the mature/immature Nizuma), I'll definitely choose Mashiro over anyone else - even over Takagi. This chapter has made me like him even more after knowing that he'll prepare something for Miho and meet her up when Reversi starts airing. I wonder what he'll do with the money. Is it really a house? OR is it something a lot better? :)

Reversi's future (rather the anime's future).
With Reversi's anime decided and will start airing in a couple of months, Takagi has decided to end the manga in 8 more chapters. AND that means that the manga will end before the anime starts. Will that be a bad thing? I honestly think yes. How will they resolve this, that's what this arc will be all about, I think. Hattori did said that he'll convince Heishi about ending Reversi properly but remember that Heishi said that it's one of the mangaka's important ability to lengthen his manga and still make in interesting (or something like that)? I'm thinking that he'll not let them end it easily. Especially not at a critical time like this now that Reversi will become even more popular.
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