Guess I had a wrong impression on gramps Amagi. Well, I don't know for sure if he really is someone to trust but Jin trusted him. I guess we'll just see what'll happen with this step.

I guess I was not wrong in thinking about Jin's and Kouga's differences in their sense of justice. Konoha did raise the idea and the difference is very clear. In my opinion, Jin doesn't care about justice or what. He just wants to save people and kill the Player. That's it. Kouga, on the other hand, has an entirely different outlook. When Konoha asked him about his kind of justice, I wasn't surprised. I was actually thinking about the same thing. AND Konoha actually answered her own question with the same thought as mine. Kouga was surprised. Horrified perhaps. BUT he didn't answered, that's for sure. Probably his justice isn't all about being praised but it could be a huge part.

As for Jin's part, it was a relief to know that Akemi wasn't really dead or anything but gramps Amagi did went a little too far but I guess it was all for a good cause? Is it? I'm not entirely sure yet but I do hope that what he just told Jin is the truth. AND I was quite surprised to see gramps Kanzaki alive O.O I seriously thought he was dead for good but I guess gramps Amagi will still play a big role in this series. AND it was just revealed to us that in fact gramps Amagi and gramps Kanzaki were the ones who made Jin the Player Hunter that he is right now. So does that mean gramps Amagi is on the good side?

Questions aside, this episode sure was interesting. Less action but more information. The preview looks pretty good. AND on how I see it, they'll be as good as adults already and Hanako :D 

For more screenshots, click here.

Episode 4 Preview

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