Acchi Kocchi - First Impression

Is it a requirement for every season to have at least one 4-koma comedy anime? Well at the very least I'm glad that this season's 4-koma has actually caught my attention. When it's romance + comedy + Okamoto Nobuhiko, I guess there's no doubt I'm sticking to this show.

Anyway, this 4-koma centralizes on Io and Tsumiki, Tsumiki's interest on Io and their 3 fancy friends who always picks on them and goes nosebleed all over the episodes. Of course, unlike the other 4-koma anime that's going on my mind right now, this one has romance which came in a good plus for me. Definitely this won't get anywhere near the top of my list this season but I'm pretty positive to the idea that I'll be sticking to this show until it finishes. Though honestly speaking, the first episode didn't really caught my attention. It was funny but that's it. The comedies right there were a little weak that the first time I watched this, I stopped half-way through. Now, I watched these two episodes straight and was really happy with the 2nd episode which was cut into 2-parts. The café-part and the Valentines-part. AND both were equally funny.

As for the characters, I'd say that as a regular comedy anime, they don't have any depth or anything at all. They're mainly there for comedic purposes (that's what I believe). They're pretty typical to me. A couple of anime popped in to my head when I was looking at the characters particularly the female characters. Anyway, I won't play favorites for this one since I really like all of them BUT this'll turn into a really long post if I get on with all of them. So I'll focus on the two main characters, Otonashi Io (Okamoto Nobuhiko) and Miniwa Tsumiki (Ookubo Rumi). There's one thing I'd like to start with here, I personally think Io knows that Tsumiki likes him. HAHA. Other than being voiced by Okamoto, I personally like Io because I actually have the fetish for silent characters :D That is why I also like Tsumiki. I really like it whenever they tease her to Io and he small voice actually reminds me of Tooru which is voiced by Aoi Yuuki.

Art and animation-wise, I don't really have any complains. I love the moe drawings of each character AND their nosebleeds! xD I like it how Io's melow Okamoto voice fits well with how he looks. The background art (and background characters) reminds me of Baka to Test and it's really fitting for this style of anime.

Overall, I had fun watching the first two episodes of Acchi Koicchi. It's not really something recommended to watch for this season but it's definitely a good breather anime when you're tensed up and all. It's got some pretty expected comedy and cute romance :3
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