Bakuman - Chapter 176 (END): Dreams and Reality

I was actually expecting a more interesting title but going back to the title of the first chapter (which I have read a round 5 times O.O) isn't really a bad idea. Actually I think it was a great idea. Makes me feel nostalgic(:

I wouldn't cut this post into pieces like what I did before in my previous chapter reviews of Bakuman since this chapter basically focused on Mashiro's proposal to Miho. Anyway, I really like how Mashiro made his way to fulfill the things his uncle wasn't able to do so. It was funny how the Ferrari is really out of his character but the overall Mashiro never did change over the past 10years as have passed in the time of the manga. Also, Mashiro could might as well be Nobuhiro's (his uncle) son. HAHA. I just can't believe how much he's reliving his uncle's life but with so much luck (and talent in drawing).

I like their reminiscent of the times they were together. Since this is the final chapter, I was really happy to see the things that happened back then. One of the most striking things to me was the last part. Their reminiscence of when Mashiro and Takagi told Miho that they'll write manga. The drawing looked to different. Probably it's because they were 10years younger back then and now, they're 24 years old (isn't that a little too young to get married? O.O). Anyway, when Miho went inside the gate of their old house and Mashiro went in with the flow and relive the time when he saw Miho that night and talked to her the first time. Also, the same night when he proposed to her. When he was keeping in my to act natural when he propose to her, I guess it didn't really worked. LOL. Whenever I read the part when he said: Now that our dream's come true, please marry me!! I sort of feel like it has the same tone when he's challenging Niizuma. HAHA. Well, forgetting that, the final 2-page spread was really great.

As for my final thoughts on this chapter, quoting what Mashiro said in Chapter 174: "The last scene in a manga is important. After all, you can say that whether the piece is a masterpiece or a flop depends on just that one scene." So did the last scene of this chapter made this manga a masterpiece? Honestly speaking, I did liked it. It's a romantic style of ending and that's how Bakuman should really end. That's the main goal of the story and it was well delivered in here. Did this last scene made an impact to me? To be honest, not really. I can't even believe how much the entire chapter didn't moved me as much the previews ones have. BUT still, I'd like to consider this manga as a masterpiece. That final scene was simple but definitely full of emotions(:

I'll post my series review soon this week && I'm definitely looking forward to Ohba-sensei and Obata-sensei's next work :D Sure do hope it won't take long!

~oh && on the side note, why is Mashiro calling Miho Azuki-san and Miho calling Mashiro by his last name? Shouldn't she call him Moritaka? x3
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