AMNESIA 08 + 09: just who is Toma to the heroine?

Toma's route has got to be the most polished one in terms of story but I still can't say that it's great as it is.

Episode 08.
Toma's route perfectly explained why 'that scene' was never shown in Ikki's route (now that completes the quick previews of their routes from episode one) although this episode still didn't cleared what is Ikki's relation to the heroine this time. But I'm kind of used to that hangover since AMNESIA has always been that way.

After finally seeing all the guys in the series, I'd say that I'm picking Toma as my second fave with Kent as the first on my list leaving both Shin and Ikki out of it. Toma's really playing his boyfriend/onii-chan figure really well and that's what I particularly like about him. He's a relaxing and reliable character than never puts the heroine in a position that she might struggle or be scared.

I'm pretty glad to see the heroine actually getting the hang of things but I guess she should really start being more careful or she'll end up dying uh-gain -_- And I'm really hoping that the heroine's actually ready to face what's going to happen next based on what she saw in her mailbox. I think that it was pretty obvious based on the things that just happened the scene from episode one will happen in here.

Finally Ukyou's appearance will definitely be given some light in the next couple of episode since Toma's the last one. Ukyou's really making me curious since he actually knows that the heroine has been shifting routes and he knows that she'll die as well.

Episode 09.
This second episode of Toma's route partially revealed why he was being too protective of the heroine that it doesn't seem normal anymore. He'll seriously be some creepy stalker if he wasn't her childhood friend.

Out of all the routes that have been tackled so far, Toma's route is the longest and had the most appearances of other guys. The length of his arc became the greatest advantage for its almost decent development. Episode 8 established his protectiveness and it was noticeable how he never asked the heroine about her amnesia despite his protective and caring character.

This episode just made me dislike Toma in everyway possible. I guess we can't argue that he wanted to protect the heroine but I don't really see the point of hiding it from Shin when he only needs to protect her from Ikki's fans, as he had mentioned. I'd say that Toma has become obsessed of the heroine that he even kept her on a cage. Hiding all of those important things from her such as her relationship with him, her relationship with Ikki, and other more things was just wrong.

The heroine's mistake of thinking that she's in a relationship with Toma is tolerable here. What I seriously can't believe in here is how the heroine didn't realized immediately that Toma's putting her to sleep. I can't believe that Orion had to spell it out for her -_- What also surprised or maybe annoyed me in here is why she isn't showing any resistance to him. If Orion never even told her to get out of there or something, she might have played Master-and-Pet with Toma for the rest of her life. But I guess I can give props to Toma for protecting her. This arc has got to be her longest life yet :))

On a side note, I was surprised to know that in this arc the heroine's attracted to Ikki… or maybe not since they meet at the back alley? This feels like a parallel world of Ikki's. AND when the heroine was hit by a car, I seriously thought that she was going to die before she finds out her feelings for Toma :))

Finally, with the heroine on the run and Toma's just a few meters away, I'd say that the next episode will be wrapping this route up and open for its finale. I'm honestly looking forward to seeing what's inside the heroine's diary and what she thought of Toma back then. 

~episode 10 will be done later (if my internet isn't crappy, I guess).
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