Another - Episode 9: Body paint

Another sure had a pretty amazing start but now that it's nearing its end with 3 episodes to go, I'm pretty disappointed with how Another have been from the last couple of episodes lately. I sure do hope that things will get better for the remaining episodes. Oh well, the background sounds are still as heavy and good as before :)

To make a quick summary of what happened this episode, remember what Reiko's classmate said about leaving something at class3's class room? Kouichi and the rest looked for it and they listened to the story of what happened in class3's trip to the shrine. It was a little interesting and from what happened, I was able to see a little more light. AND Mei asked Kouichi if he already found his mother's class picture 26 years ago. She sure is interested in seeing the picture. I'm not entirely intrigued by the picture but it could be interesting to see a picture with the dead Misaki there. Plus, I wonder why is it that Kouichi doesn’t seem to be looking for it.

Anyway, remember Nakao's death. Somehow, the idea of the 'another' being with them has gotten into me after reading a couple of blog posts about episode8. BUT THEN, this episode is trying to tell us that Nakao's suffering started when they were still in Yomiyama. Who would believe that kind of shit anyway? Saying that could be one way of telling themselves that they still want to believe in the idea that people outside Yomiyama is free from the curse. Either way, I don't want to think too much about it. He's dead and that's it. If it's because of the curse then fine, but I don't want to fully count on it since he also had his fair share of mistake.

Sakuragi sure looks scary.

Oh and Kouichi has got to be one of the most unlucky person to have some really frightful dreams almost every night. Anyway, my guess was right. The re-appearance of Sakuragi and the rest of the people who died from the curse was just one of Kouichi's nightmare. It sure wasn't surprising since Kouichi always get nightmares.

praying to the shrine does nothing.

Probably my attention was fully consume with what happened to 15yrs-ago-class3's trip. First off, I seriously thought that the mansion was something big but from what I saw in this episode, it was only showed as probably a place where they stayed for the night during their trip. I'm probably over thinking again but I think that something about the mansion will be told next episode. Something about Matsunaga-san's confession. Remember the tape? Before starting the story, he said something about wanting to confess the sin he did. I wonder what the heck it is since it seems that it doesn't have anything to do with killing someone or whatever. I wonder what he's about to say next.

While Teshigawara, Kouichi, Mei and Mochizuki were listening to the tape, 4 more people died. Ayano and her family as well as their other classmate's brother. It wasn't that interesting since they aren't much of an important character and their death didn't really made a huge impact.

Episode 10 Preview

ooooh. a different side of Izumi :]


  1. A disappointing episode. Nothing important actually surfaced... Or so I think... lol

    1. agreed. hopefully next episode can make up for this one. matsunaga's confession has got to be something good since they delayed it by an episode or so.

  2. Better fix that tape fast. Before everyone else dies.

    1. true.
      it's funny but somehow i think that the tape broke so that the story will go longer. lol.

  3. It's the effect of a horror story prolonged to 12 episodes. Hard to keep up the suspense of something for 3 months. Right now the only reason I'm still watching is to see how it all ends.

    1. i guess that's a pretty good point. and i seriously thought i won't get disappointed in this anime x.x
      i hate expectations. x.x


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