Sword Art Online - 11

This episode has got to be one of those pretty uninteresting episode of SAO

So Kirito and Asuna's time off was supposed to be a 'yay!' episode for some but personally I'd rather have those battle scenes which we're all expecting from this anime. Although the romance is pretty unavoidable. Of course I'm not entirely against it but seeing an episode which resembles episode 5 isn't so good. By that, I mean an episode with a little laid back start and tries to get a little intriguing through side characters.

First off, let me go through Asuna and Kirito's little play house. I was surprised to see two beds. LOL. Anyway, that's not the point. Their little time alone was more of Asuna advancing to Kirito. Well that's just what I think. And funny how Asuna thought of her being older than Kirito. HAHA. I can't believe she just thought about that.

When they finally met Yui (Itou Kanae) and played as a family with her, I'd say that it was a cute part of the episode. Also, Yui was pretty cute when she wanted to eat the same food as Kirito :3 Trying to say that the spicy sandwich was delicious. HAHA.

Now going back to the first floor of Ancrad seems pretty nostalgic (sounds like I've been there). LOL. I don't understand why the guild Army has taken over the first floor but I guess it won't be explained further as they have already been taken care of. I was kind of surprised to know that there were still players at the first floor. Furthermore, I was surprised that there were actually kids in the game. I guess it can't be helped when no one knows that the VMMORPG Sword Art Online unexpectedly turned into a death game.

Now the intriguing part of the episode was when Yui said something about being alone in the darkness. Yui having that mind fuck moment was a hint that there's something to know about her state, her real self or whatever bug the game has. The annoying disconnecting-like sound tells me that there could be in-game problems we'll discover later on. Or so I think.
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