[WEEKLY MUSING] What makes a slow reader read slow?

My Heart and Other Black Holes by Jasmine Warga - one of the books I recently finish

The other day, I was talking but maybe more like complaining to my sister why I'm such a slow read and she, a fast one. I'm such a slow reader. It makes a couple of days to finish a book. Two days at least for a 300 to 400-paged book - that is, if I'm not doing anything important. If I have classes or I'm really busy with something, it takes me a week a least to finish one.

Yes, I know.. I'm such a shame. But lately, I decided not to really think about that. I mean, sure I'm a slow reader but that's just the way I am. So after talking to my sister, I ponder for a bit and was able to come up with reasons why I'm such a slow reader.

looking back just because I can.
I can't help but look back at pages or even chapters especially when I'm reading mystery novels. It kind of helps with the whole thinking about the suspect. As for other books, I just look back at times just because... yes, sometimes for no particular reason. I know, I suck.

looking ahead just because I want to.
Definitely worse than looking back - well looking back isn't exactly a bad thing. Anyway, I look ahead of chapters just because I'm curious of what's going to happen. I even look and read the last chapter sometimes just because I want to... Or I want to really find things out already. Sometimes I spoil myself big time and some times I just get more excited whenever I come across sentences or phrases that sounds intriguing.

rereading lines/paragraphs just so I can really get it in my head.
Sometimes I honestly don't immediately get a scene so I reread it. Sometimes my imagination or visualization skills get stuck. So yeah... At times, I reread lines just because I want to - it could be because they say something really, really interesting OR they're telling something that makes me think which are both good great things.

taking a break from reading just because I get bored.
When things get so slow, when the characters are so 'meh,'when I can't really imagine what the heck is happening, or when things are just so fcked up, I stop. Not because I'm hating the book but because I want to breathe a little (or maybe a lot) and look back at it with a clearer mind or a right mood. Sometimes I think books need the right moods or right mindsets :)

How about you guys, are you a slow reader or a fast reader? How long do you read let's say a regular 400 pages book? If you're a slow reader like me, why do you think you read slow?

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