Nisekoi - Chapter 13: Zawsze in Love

When we're all fixed to the idea that Onodera's the promised girl, Chitoge suddenly gave us a hint that she could be the promised girl.

I did a quick research and "zawsze" is Polish. I was able to search jak zawsze meaning as always while zawsze alone means always. Looks like Onodera isn't the only one holding onto some 10yr-old memory.

"I awakened an unknown power to save my girlfriend"

By all means, in Raku's head, it's just natural for him to save Chitoge in the pool since he's suppose to protect her as her "boyfriend". Chitoge was probably just doing her character as a tsundere that she really can't understand why the heck Raku saved her when he was so pissed off of her on that day. She was really cute when she thanks Raku in english AND what I believe that she says things in english whenever she's too shy to say things directly to Raku.

Raku drops the locket.
Somehow I was surprised that Raku didn't even noticed that the locket fell off because it was big. Oh well, guess some things are just meant to happen to make things more exciting. Better yet, Chitoge was the one who saw it. Guess it won't really be a huge problem, yes?

Raku x Onodera.
Okay. I don't really know how many times I've said that I really like Onodera and Raku's pairing because they're both so innocent looking. They blush and stutter and get nervous whenever the other is around. Better yet Onodera even heat up because of blushing x3 Now I really understand why Onodera likes Raku. Well, a guy being nice is probably one of the reason a girl will like him(: Raku, on the other hand, really panic and care so much, it sometimes seem annoying but him panicking over Onodera's "cold" is really funny.

Moreover, by the end of the chapter, we see Onodera about to confess. I'm betting she's not going to do it :3 but then, who knows?

Who really is the promised girl?

After this chapter, Komi-sensei is making us all think of who really is the promised girl after Chitoge's words. Well, I'm still thinking it's Onodera because she did said that she has the key and she did said that the boy she promised to 10 years ago and Raku were the same. Chitoge's probably talking about someone else we'll soon meet in the future. Or am I wrong in here? :/
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