[REVIEW] Limerence

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Series: The Cure #3
 Charlotte McConaghy
 new adult, science fiction, dystopia, romance
 April 14, 2016
Publisher: Momentum Books, Pan Macmillan
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No injection can cure love. Only life can do that.  
Deep in the darkest tunnels hide the last of the resistance fighters. Hunted by the savage Furies and the ruthless Bloods, they live in constant peril. The only means of survival is to seek strength in family and find courage in love. So what happens when love is cured, scoured away, leaving death in its place? 

In the final battle for freedom, there are no lines that won’t be crossed. And for Josi this means becoming the creature she fears most of all: the girl with a blood moon heart. 
The gripping conclusion to the dystopian trilogy The Cure, Limerence is a love story for the monsters within. 
Perfect for fans of Pierce Brown, Laini Taylor and Maggie Stiefvater.

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Highly interesting premise, well constructed world, ship-worthy romance, great characters, and a strong conclusion! The Cure is a series I enjoyed from start to finish. Okay, maybe not immediately but I ended up really just loving everything about it!

McConaghy continues to surprise me with great ways of always opening her novels. Fury was a slow burn for me but I completely appreciated its unusual beginning and non-linear sequencing. Melancholy, on the other hand, had a really unusual beginning for Luke and Josi. Now, Limerence started with an introduction of a character I knew is important right from the beginning.

Similar to Fury, Limenrence is told in a non-linear sequence with multiple points of views. I had the same thoughts about this. I LOVE it. Non-linear sequencing is really interesting and possibly a tricky way of writing a story but when done well, it really is such a great read. McConaghy has done it well and has made Limerence a novel that would really absorb you right from the beginning. The multiple POVs would confuse me at times. It's mostly my fault though as I sometimes forget whose POV is already being tackled but I try to decipher them through conversations and it works.

Fury took away anger. Melancholy tried to take away sadness. Now, Limerence tries to take away love - the ultimate emotion that makes us do great things. It sounds so far-fetched but after all really interesting scientific explanations done in the previous books, I just helped but accept it ca be possible in the world of The Cure. This is one of the worlds that I can just clearly visualize happening - okay, maybe it's not exactly possible but when you read McConaghy's words, you'll just think so too.

Josi's a character that I really loved from start to finish. She's got her own problems and many times she lets her emotions take over. And that's perfectly normal. We get overtaken by our emotions. Throughout the novel, I get to really understand Josi and why she does the things she does. I ended up liking Josi even more. She's a girl that really grew from someone who'd rather lock herself in to someone who can stand up for other people.

Limenrence had a lot of interesting things going on. It's one of those books that's really difficult to put down because of the many things going on that's not exactly overwhelming. It's mostly exciting to the point that all you'd want to do is read page after page to see what happens and next thing you know, you're about to finish the book. 

OVERALL, Limerence is a exciting read that had me reading page after page. It completely absorbed me and left me loving all the characters especially Josi. It's an exciting conclusion to really well thought of series. It gave a satisfying ending and an intense road towards it. The Cure series is a dystopian series I highly recommend for anyone who enjoys the genre - doesn't matter if you're into YA or not. The Cure is great and you must read it. Like right now.

~this book was provided in exchange for an honest review~

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Charlotte has been writing from a young age, and has published several novels including the science-fiction series The Cure and the romantic fantasy series The Chronicles of Kaya. She studied a Masters of Screenwriting at the Australian Film, Television and Radio School, and is the author of the Australian Writer’s Guild award-winning screenplay Fury – adapted from her novel of the same name. She lives in Sydney, writing novels and working on both film and television projects, as well as an upcoming graphic novel Skin.

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