[MAYOIGA] Blinding Mist

Well that was plainly disappointing...

Episode one ended with some interesting things somehow intrigued me. Of course, there are still several more things that will still be uncovered throughout the series. But looking at this episode alone and not what lies ahead, this series just failed miserably. It's just the second episode and the atmosphere already vanished, the characters plainly disappointing, and the main character simply annoying and bland.

The art and music failed to really bring tension towards the events. The art is very plain and lacks details. Sceneries are bland and look like digitally painted. It's something I'd rather see printed than in animation. Somehow, seeing the director made me think that everything will be fine but I was greatly reminded that Miyoiga is under Diomedea unlike Another which is under P.A. Works who creates spectacular backgrounds and sceneries.

Now, let's talk about the events. The bus encountered a problem proving it useless to ride on towards Nanakimura. It rose tension between certain members of the group and the bus driver but they have later on decided to leave him by himself and continue on foot. Once arriving to the village, I was intrigued by how Koharun (Sakura Kaoru) came in possession of such evidences - evidences that would prove that they are in the village.

Setting Koharun, for now, as she has found them through a thorough search on the net. Nanakimura turned out to be an empty village. This intrigued me. Theories were made yet of course none of which may be proven at this point. How these group of people will be able to uncover the truth would be interesting as there does not seem to any clues as to where the people have gone to or what they have done.

This episode further explored the characters. It builds up tension among them. It also deemed Mitsumune boring (for me at least). He's so bland and neutral. The intrigued that formed in me last episode was just set aside because it wasn't followed up in here. What I'd love to know right now is his relationship with Hayato. I know they had that BL sounding beginning but really, what's up with that? Also, the bus driver going back to the group seems to be an important aspect.

All in all, this second episode of Mayoiga did not followed up its intriguing start. Furthermore, the art and music didn't gave the same atmosphere as episode on which greatly disappointed me. I'm stll a bit intrigued because of certain characters namely Hayato, Masaki, Lion, and the bus driver.

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